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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

SirTortuga's Fucktoy Friday: Interview

(bdsm, fucktoy, sirtortuga)

December 17, 2010

(MF BDSM Mdom MM Oral)

The Sir Tortuga household has a sign on the way in: “Your Safewords are Yellow and Red” and on the way out: “Did You Remember to Dress?” It’s a place of dominance and submission, rough use and powerful orgasms, and sexual play of all kinds. Fridays are devoted to the #fucktoyfriday twitter tag.

One cannot, in our opinion, have too many fucktoys. They get time off, and there’s always some new use: suck awake alarm clocks, coffee slaves and you never know when you’ll need a new foot rest. It takes a particular sort of person to be a good fucktoy; looks are important,but not as important as attitude and demeanor. So every Friday we have interviews, to help keep up with the variety and needs of a proper Household.

I made a note to give the HR Slave an extra orgasm as I saw the current candidate step in. I grabbed the fucktoy at my feet’s head and slid it up and down my cock a few times, pulling him down to the base, and holding him there. She was a redheaded vision in lust, what Heinlein always called a zaftig coed: extra curvy in all the right places. She was wearing a professional grey business suit, although that above-the-knee skirt could easily have doubled as a hobble skirt.

It was an interesting choice, and I wondered if it was on purpose, or if she’d confused exactly what this interview was about. I leaned strongly to the latter, when she walked up, hand out. “Hello Sir Tortuga,” she said. “I’m—”

“I don’t care,” I cut her off. She looked confused. “A name is the last thing I care about in a fucktoy,” I explained.

Her mouth hung open for a moment, and she picked her jaw up off the floor. “Well, then Sir, what do you care about?”

“I want to know what you’re wearing under that skirt. Roll it up so I can see.” She reached down and grabbed the skirt, and began inching it up. I let the fucktoy at my feet get back into his slow pace, and watched as the interviewee revealed what she was wearing. First came the tops of stockings, dark against her pale skin. I smiled at that, and she smiled at me — her gaze had never left mine, which gave her points.

She wore a black garter belt, and the skirt was beginning to bunch up around her wide hips, but she worked it up over them, and around her waist. She swivelled her hips a bit as she did it, causing me to thrust a bit into the fucktoy’s mouth, making him choke. When she was done she turned to me showing a thin, almost thong-like green panty. I was so transparent, I could see the curls of her bush under neath it. Then I noticed the problem.

I pushed the fucktoy off my cock, and stood, pulling my knife out of my pocket. It might have seemed silly to be standing there with my cock out, but some things need to be dealt with immediately. I stepped towards her, flicking my knife open with an audible click. I could hear the breath catch in the redhead’s throat, and she swallowed. I hooked my finger under the side of her panties.

“What’s up with this?” I demanded.

“P-panties?” she said. “Are…are panties a problem?”

“No,” I said. “Especially ones like these. But they are under your garter. Do you not know what a fucktoy is for?”

“Actually—” she began.

“A fucktoy,” I said, pulling on the strap of her panty, pulling it against her garter, “is for fucking. There’s no point in making it more difficult.”

I brought the knife around and she put up her hands to block me. I let go of her panty, and grabbed the back of her jacket, yanking back on it, pulling it and her hands behind her back. She teetered on her heels and I slipped the knife inside her panties and cut one side.

Her breasts jutted out, pressing against the white buttoned-down shirt she was wearing under the jacket. The top three buttons were undone, letting me see her cleavage, and a bra that matched her green panties peeked out near the top. I turned to stand directly in front of her, one arm still behind her, holding her arms in the twisted up jacket.

I slid the knife against her other hip, hearing her voice catch a bit, and cut the panties on the other side. She was afraid, which was somewhat understandable, but they should know we never permanently harm our toys. I questioned giving HR that extra orgasm now, as they hadn’t properly prepared this one. “Widen your legs, I said.”

She carefully slid her feet out, a bit uneasy on the heels and without the use of her arms, but in no danger of falling as I held her. The green panties fell down to the floor, and I closed my knife, and stuck it back in my pocket. “That’s better, isn’t it?” I said. I slid my finger between her legs, touching her dripping cunt. She drew her breath in as my finger brushed her clit, and I could see the arousal as it flushed her face.

“Yes,” she sighed. “But I think—”

“I think you’re a woman who likes a bit of adventure. Who likes a little risk and who likes to be told what to do.”

I stroked her clit with each sentence, and she just repeated the words, “Yes, yes, yes..”

“Don’t come yet,” I said. “I’ve not yet seen your tits.” I left her cunt alone, and began unbuttoning her top. She quickly spilled out of it, and I left the bottom two buttons done, so her shirt framed her tits in their green bra. It snapped in the back of course, so I brought out the knife. This time I flicked it open while she looked at it, and I smiled. I drug the tip of the knife over her sternum, sliding it between her breasts, and under her bra. I pulled down a bit more, and it cut through the fabric.

It fell to the sides and her breasts were free — huge globes of flesh with cute freckles all over the top. I lowered my mouth to one of them as I slid my knife closed and back into my pocket. I gestured to the fucktoy who had been obediently waiting, and he began preparing things. There’s really nothing like a well-trained fucktoy.

Meanwhile the redhead was whimpering a bit, so I switched to the other breast. I put my hand back between her legs, and started stroking her clit again. Glancing up, I could see that her head was rolled back, lost in what I was doing. She was leaning against my hand as I held her jacket tight, and I knew she wasn’t going to be able to support herself long. But then I felt the bench touch the back of my legs, and I shifted around her, keeping my hand on her cunt, but reluctantly leaving those succulent breasts.

I stepped behind her, and pushed her forward onto the bench the fucktoy had brought. “I’m going to fuck you now,” I said.

“God yes,” she said.

I held her hands still with one of mine, and motioned with the other to the fucktoy to suck her breasts. He smiled, and quickly complied. He’s earned his orgasm today. I slid her legs wide so that she was resting fully on the bench. I’d had them made specifically for this, and it put her at the perfect height.

I grabbed her hands with mine, forcing her down, and giving me control. I stepped forward, and right inside her so pping cunt. She wrapped herself around me, wet and silky, and she cried out, shuddering and coming. I hadn’t given her permission, but I tend to be lenient when someone comes while my cock is inside them.

And anyway, I was more than ready to come myself.

I pounded into her, and quickly discovered she was multi-orgasmic. Really, except for the clothing choices and prep she’d make a perfect fucktoy. I thought about what I could do to her exquisite body as I rammed into her. She came again, her cunt squeezing hard against my cock, and I came, filling her up.

I stood there for a minute, still inside her, and revelling in the feeling of what I’d done. I came to a decision, and stepped back, letting go of her arms. She pushed herself back up to a standing position, shrugging her jacket back on in the process. She teetered there a moment, regaining her balance while the fucktoy moved around to quickly and efficiently clean off my cock.

The redhead let out a huge breath and smiled. “I needed that.” She began doing that thing women do, as she removed the ruined bra. “I hope you plan to replace this bra and panty set. They were my favorite,” she said. “Of course, that’s why I wore them.”

I slipped my cock back in my pants, and zipped up. “There’s a clothing allowance that goes with the fucktoy position,” I said. “A position, I have to say, which I hope you take.”

She rolled her skirt back down, her hips undulating as she spoke. “That’s the thing. My name is Carol.” She put out here hand, to shake mine, and I took it, bemused. “I’m here to talk to you about the Christmas party entertainment, not apply for the fucktoy position.” The fucktoy let out a laugh, and I buried my face in my hand.

“I’m sorry—” I began.

She barked out a laugh, “I’ve got no complaints. As it is, I’m thinking of adding another good fucking to my bill for the entertainment.”

“I’d be up for that,”I said. “We do a lot of work in trade.”

“That’s good to know,” she said, and settled into a chair, crossing her legs and giving me a quick glimpse of the tops of her stockings before becoming all business. “Now, about those plans, I have some new ideas now that I’ve had a better feel of my client…”

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter