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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

SirTortuga's Fucktoy Christmas : Party Prep 4/4

(bdsm, fucktoy, partyprep, sirtortuga)

December 24, 2010

After the break, my fucktoy blew her whistle. “Time to regroup. Time to beat is 19 minutes 47 seconds.”

Fifteen’s team was ready, similarly to the way Zee’s had been. They had more men, and so had opted for more fucking. Two of the women had canes and crops, and were standing behind Zee. The third was on her knees sucking Fifteen to hardness — or trying. He had just come, after all, and even fucktoys are only human. Twenty minutes was quick to think he’d be back up and running, but it was possible; that he wasn’t made me think his head wasn’t in the game, no pun intended.

My fucktoy blew the whistle and started the timer. I reached around her and moved the timer so it hung around her neck in a way that I could read its face. It had an alarm so she could still at as a referee, but I really wanted to know the remaining time.

The two women spanking Zee went at it with a vengance. One had a crop and the other a cane, and they were laying lines down her ass faster than I’d ever do. Red welts showed on her ass and before they had a chance to even form — much less fade — they were laying down another mark. They were careful enough to not break skin or do anything damaging, but they were right up to that line.

The third woman was busy sucking Fifteen to hardness. He was starting to show signs of growth, which made me check where she was in the fucktoy rotation, and bump her a bit so I’d get a chance to really use what looked like a very talented mouth. Fifteen’s men were fucking two of Zee’s women, and that left three of Zee’s people just having to hold still.

I wasn’t sure that was a good plan, but it did only take one person to move before the timer went off. If they were smart they’d have chosen a different target. The women weren’t going to move from a fuck, and Zee was neck and neck with Fifteen because she was a good fucktoy. I watched the timer as it bounced in time to my fucktoy’s work on my cock.

There was too much going on to really come fast, but she was doing a good job. I played with her tits for a bit, and put a hand down near her clit, but not so much so she couldn’t pay attention to what was going on in front of us.

The timer chirped as it went below ten minutes, and Fifteen ran his hand over his now newly hard cock. An impressive recovery time, particularly considering how sensitive he is. Still, that is one of our criteria for a fucktoy. He pushed the two women beating Zee out of the way, and knelt behind her. They stood there watching, as he shoved his cock into her,and grabbed her ass with one hand, and that huge braid of hers with the other.

He pulled her head back, and pressed his fingertips into her red ass. She cried out, making a painful face. What was Fifteen doing? If he hadn’t pulled on her braid she might have moved from just that. But no, I think he was going more for vengeance than anything else. I had my fucktoy slow down a bit so we could pay attention to what was going on.

He fucked her hard, and I could tell she was getting aroused. Zee’s body got flushed, and her nipples were hard. She was muttering a mantra — I couldn’t quite hear what — but it was obvious she was trying to hold off her orgasm. She should have let herself come just a little, but I suspect that if it has been anyone but Fifteen fucking her, she’d have done just that. This rivalry was getting way out of hand.

The timer flicked over 5 minutes, and beeped again. “Five minutes,” my fucktoy called out, and Fifteen started fucking Zee even harder. I watched as she shook as she came, but she didn’t break position at all. Just as Zee had kept fucking him, Fifteen kept fucking her, and she kept coming.

“Three minutes, “ I said, and my fucktoy repeated it. Fifteen scowled, and rand his fingers up and down Zee’s side, lightly touching her. She went rigid, and he tried harder, lightly tapping and tickling her. She bucked and moved away from him, and my fucktoy blew the whistle loud and long, so that I couldn’t hear anything else.

“Movement,” she said. I stopped the clock with two and a half minutes left on it.

Fifteen laughed. “We won, bitch, we won!”

I tapped my fucktoy on the ass, and she stood up. I put myself away as Zee stormed toward me. I put up my hand to forestall her outburst. Fifteen headed over to me with his team, as well. “Well, Ref, what do you think?”

“Zee’s team wins by forfeit,” she said.

“What?!” Fifteen yelled.

The ref looked at him, all of her five feet and piercings radiating anger. “You broke the rules — normal limits apply, and you were tickling her. She called red for a reason, although I was ending it before then.”

“I was just touching her,” he said. “It was a mistake.” I’d made a similar mistake earlier in the day, but I’d apologized for it, I hadn’t kept doing it.

My fucktoy/referee turned to Zee. “Was it just a touch?” Zee shook her head. “Sir, do you concur, or could you tell?”

“Looked like tickling to me,” I said.

She turned to Fifteen. “My decision stands, Zee’s team by forfeit.” And that was that.

“Fifteen,” I said. “We’ll discuss discipline later. For now, return to your quarters. As for the rest of his team, go about your normal duties.” I wondered if they’d known he was going to do what he did, but there’d be no way to prove it without having them turn on each other. I hoped I had higher fucktoy standards than that, anyway.

They left,and I turned to Zee and her team. “Congratulations,” I said to them. “You’ll be performing with Carol in the party tomorrow and are excused from working the New Year’s Party.”

“Zee said something about tickets,” one of them said.

“That’s right,” I said. “Please Carol and you get tickets to attend New Year’s.” There were smiles and laughter all around.

“Sir, may we celebrate?” Zee asked.

“Certainly,” I said. She nodded, and two of her teammates lifted me up and carried me over to the gym mat, and, since Pierce joined them, I had seven very happy fucktoys on me touching me and each other.

I’d tell you what it was like, but you’ll have to settle for “Amazing.”

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Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter