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August 10, 2010

I’m posting a story, that according to Google Docs, I edited 18months ago.  Why wait so long when the story is finished? Well I wrote it for my wife, Kat Tortuga, and I’ve considered it her story for some time.  The novel that I spent most of last summer writing was based on this story and the character and world veered a bit, and will most likely do so again.

So, this story isn’t canonical and it wasn’t written for publication, and, I admit, I’m not sure how I feel about the character. She’s strong and complicated (in my mind at least) yet wears skimpy outfits and uses her sexuality to succeed. Her personality and style are perfect for Kat, but I admit to questioning it a bit over the past year and a half.  Re-reading the story I find that I like it, it’s fun, and I’m happy with that.

It’s the first piece I wrote with fighting in it, and I’ve found that writing a fight scene is a lot like writing a sex scene, particularly for Medrhi warriors. They both depend on advancing goals (winning, orgasm) and physical descriptions of action that have to be believable and visual in the reader’s mind. I think I did pretty well for my first foray into it.

I still hope to revisit these characters, and do something more complex and nuanced, but at her heart, Kadja is a sneaksy warrior who likes her loot and dragons and sex.

First part goes up tomorrow, which is Kat’s birthday, and the remaining three parts will be up Friday, Monday and Wednesday.


Joe Tortuga

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