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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Kadja: Gaining Power 1/4

(bond, dragon, kadja, magic, mast, MF)

August 11, 2010

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

I grinned at Antonio, and pulled out my knives.  Antonio was topless, wearing just a brief loincloth that flapped in the breeze. Not that I was wearing much either: a leather halter that ended just under my breasts, and a pair of leather shorts that just covered my ass. Mistress Travia, our trainer, thinks I should wear a loincloth like Antonio, but with tits like mine, I don’t need to show more.  

Plus, I like all that leather gripping my ass and nether parts.  Helps make me horny, and that’s the key to fighting.  

The daggers help too, of course — they are my choice for getting in close and personal.  Antonio drew his sword and readied his shield.  His fighting style is more visual, so he tends to want to stand back.  Me, I’m all about the touching and rubbing.  But then we are Medrhi, and that’s the way we do things.

Travia shouted out “Go!” and we closed with each other.  While I ran to get inside his reach, Antonio did that thing he does, where he stands there completely open, his skin glistening with oil or sweat, and something surges underneath his loincloth.  He’s predictable in doing that, and I was ready for it, but I still felt a flush begin to form, and a twitching between my legs.  

I know it’s part of being a Medrhi warrior, and while I’m very good at the fighting, I just don’t seem to possess the ability to arouse my enemies.  I mean, I know Antonio, we’ve been friends for years, and he’s gayer than hell, and totally off my “to do” list. But here I was panting at the stuff beneath his shorts.  And even if training had left me with no doubts about what was there — I still wondered.  At least this time, I kept from licking my lips.

“Don’t be afraid of your lust, Kadja.  Use it, it is your power as a human being, as an attractive woman.  Tap into it, and strike at his loins with your power.”

I wanted to argue, but I’d made all the arguments I could.  Yes, Antonio was gay, and not the least bit interested in my body.  But the power shouldn’t matter. He was a sexual being, and the Medrhi can tap into that in any creature. Or so Travia had told me, over and over.  I tried to reach into myself, as they taught, to tap into my power as Antonio had done and got what I always got: nothing.  

I could do this, I told myself. I was a better fighter than him, a better sneak, more agile, everything except the inability to tap into my power. It was time to use my full knowledge. I could coax the power out, or defeat him in some other way.

I looked into his eyes with lust in my heart, and a promise of something. I needed to get under his reach, rub up against him with my thighs and ass, my breasts and lips.  Anything to distract him for that take-down blow.

His sword swept around to me, and I parried with one dagger, his shield blocking my thrust with the other.  I pressed my breasts against his chest, shimmying just a bit, to draw his eyes and give me the opening I needed.  He pushed me back, and I jumped with it, flashing my thighs at him in a sweet back flip.  He swung his sword again, and we began to parry back and forth.  He was trying a new pattern today, and I let myself fall into it for a moment, to figure it out.

That was it, I noticed.  A moment when he slightly extends himself, with his shield blocking my two daggers.  One more round of this, I thought, while I turned on the charm.  I shimmied and lured.  If he’d been a straight man, he’d be at my feet.  Instead I got more of his pattern.  The sword extension came around, and I grinned at him. He grinned back, his body gleaming in the sun.  I took a deep breath as I ducked under his overextended sword, and pulled up inside his reach.  

I swung my dagger for his throat, and noticed — just for a moment — a twitch of him beneath his loincloth.  I smiled, thinking I had an effect on him. It was enough to distract me from his shield as it swung for my head. I woke up, woozy on the ground, Antonio standing above me, offering me hand up.

“Very good, again, Antonio,” Mistress Travia said. “Kadja, my office after you clean up. We need to talk.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I swore under my breath.  I looked up at Antonio. “So this is it.”

“The power is in you,” he said.  “I can feel it.”

“Yeah, the problem is that it’s trapped in there.”

He shrugged. It was an old exchange.  I glanced at him as he walked away, and my desire to do him faded back to nothing.  

If only I could make him want me that much. 

That was the core of my problem, really, and one I pondered while I showered.  Fighting always got me hot and bothered, and fighting Antonio doubly so.  We were friends, after all we had similar interests: men, the Medrhi fighting style, men, skimpy clothes, and men. I was attracted to him a little, and in lust with him because of the way we fought, and he was completely unattainable.  At least my fingers weren’t unobtainable.

Yes, I’m a woman and I like to masturbate. Is that so surprising to you? My lover says my second chakra shines bright like the sun when I do. It proves I’m enthusiastic about sex, at the very least.  Right now I was horny from the battle, and needed to relax before talking to Travia. Plus a good come would wipe away the feeling of defeat from yet another loss.  And put off what I knew was the inevitable result of our talk.

The grotto behind our training area has a hot spring that spills down like a waterfall. I like to lie under it, the warm water cascading over my breasts, and down between my thighs.  I lay there,  my right hand between my legs, opening my sex to the warm water. My left hand on my breasts, playing with my nipples, squeezing them until they hurt.  

There’s a certain amount of pain involved in being a warrior, and I liked that too.  It fed my power, which would be great if I could touch it.  I opened myself to it as I lay there, two fingers sliding on either side of my clit rubbing back and forth, faster and faster.

The water drowned out all other noise, and all other places.  For a moment I forgot about my problems, trying to be fully me, and to touch my magic.  I didn’t feel it stirring, but I was used to that. Other stirrings I did notice.  Antonio sloshed into the water, taking care of his own needs.  I closed my eyes, and arched back in the water, feeling it cascade over my face and pound against my neck and breasts.  

I glanced at Antonio, who was openly masturbating as well.  His hard cock poking out. I wanted it, but would never have it.  I watched, though, and felt my own orgasm building. I willed it to be a good one, as it might be my last here.  The hot water flowed over me, and I pinched my clit just a bit, and pulled on my nipples hard with my other hand.  My orgasm crashed upwards through my body and I cried out in pleasure, shaking beneath the waterfall.

I came down from my orgasm, and Antonio must have come as well. His hand was on my arm, and I let him enfold me in his arms, and I cried against him.  “I don’t even like girls, Kadja,” he said. “But anyone who can come like that… would make a great Medrhi.  You can do this.”

I wanted to kiss him then, but disengaged before going to far.  “Thanks,” I said. “But if it hasn’t happened yet, when exactly is it supposed to?”

He didn’t say anything, but didn’t need to. It’s not like it was the first time we’d had the conversation.  Usually it took a few beers before I got this sappy. As I cleaned up and prepared to present myself to Mistress Travia,  I wondered if it was okay to be good enough, when I had the capacity to be great.  A sinking part of me thought I’d already failed the chance at greatness.

Travia insisted on proper Medrhi dress, so I put on my best chainmail bikini. The bottoms hung like a loincloth,and the mail bit into my breasts, but it was what she wanted. I centered myself, and took a deep breath before heading to Mistress Travia’s receiving room.

The room was half business office and half sybaritic bedroom. She made it work.  It was mostly decorated in shades of red from blood to ruby, lit by orange lamplight as a reminder of the source of our power.  Citrus incense burned, giving the room a clean feel, but I knew she had heavier, more aromatic herbs to lend a different feel.  

Her desk was covered with a fine cloth, and decorated with exotically shaped perfume bottles. Behind it sat a plush leather chair that sat at an angle, making it easier for her to slide into a velvet divan.  The divan, where she lounged now, was surrounded by pillows suitable for kneeling or lying upon, or other sensual activity.  Beside the divan, in easy arms reach were her arms and armor, and a reading crystal that surely contained our contracts and other pertinent information.

I knelt on one of the pillows near the head of the divan.  I was practiced at that, and my rings of my bikini tingled as they shifted, hinting at seductive parts of my body.  Travia nodded at my use of her craft, and I just hoped it would be enough.

She touched my right temple, and cocked her head as she looked at me with more than her eyes.  “It arouses you then, to fight. Even in loss.”

“Yes,” I said.  “Antonio’s power helps with that.”

“True,” Travia said.  “But you were aroused before that.”

“It helps to feel it,” I said. “To make them believe in the seduction.”

“You are right in that,” Travia sighed.  “You have learned my lessons well, Kadja.

“No one here moves as deftly as you when you fight.  Few are as capable as you are with blades. You are beautiful in your own right, and very capable of seduction.”  She smiled a knowing smile at the last, and I closed my eyes, and bent my head to her.

“Thank you, Mistress.”  I closed my eyes, and pressed my fingernails into my palms, knowing what would come next.

“But—,” she paused.  “But, I cannot teach you anymore if you do not touch your power.  You can do this thing, Kadja.  It is natural and right. I do not know why you block yourself.”

“I— I’m not blocking myself!  I want to open my power, I tried to open my power during the fight, and after in the grotto.  I try so many times a day, and nothing. Nothing ever. Jayne can’t explain it either, she never had this problem.”

“Few with your sister’s level of power do,” Travia said.  “Or of yours.”

“So what, then?”  I could feel tears running hotly down my cheek. “You are done with me then?”

“No, not yet.”  She hesitated.  “But there is no more I can teach you until you do.  In a week’s time will be your seventh year here, training with me.  At your majority, three years ago, you were almost as good with a blade as you are today.  Three years is normally enough time to integrate a trainee’s sexuality with their skills and get their skills even close to the level of yours.

“You’ve spent those three years stagnating.  I would love to teach you to fully be a Medrhi warrior, but it behooves me to let you out on the world and make your way as you are.  You will be good at it, and learn much more outside of these walls.”

“But—. But—”  

Her hand slid off my forehead, and wiped at my tears.  She pressed a finger to my lips. “Shh, child.  You have seven days.  Develop the ability use your power, even a trickle of it, and I will train you as best I can, and keep you as my apprentice until you master it.  But if you do not…  Kadja, if you do not, then there is nothing more for me to teach you.”

That had the air of finality that told me she’d made up her mind. “Yes, Mistress.”

I rose then, and began to back out of her office.  “Kadja.  Tell Jayne of this, and that I sent you to her. There may be a way that her Master knows.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will,” I whispered.

I walked back to the grotto to grab my street things.  I could have gone in my bikini, but right at that moment, it felt like a lie.  I had seven days.  I’d had seven years.  How were seven days going to help?

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter