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February 04, 2013

Well January is gone, and with it a bunch of new stories as well as some revivals of old ones.  We hit all our targets for publication and had a really amazing month in terms of how many people came to visit.  I certainly enjoyed it creatively, and feel there were some stories in there I really enjoyed sharing with everyone.

The blog got over 2500 page views last month.  Since I set it up in 2008, it has received only 7500 (mostly because of the neglect and dust around here).  Nothing is quite as exciting to a writer or other creator as knowing that people are seeing (and hopefully liking) their work.  So thanks for that, it’s one of the many things that gives me motivation to keep going.

I’d originally planned a Fellatist story for this week.  However, I’ve decided to put him on the shelf for a while. I had some ambitious plans for him (and his Twitter), but it never seemed to gel in the way I wanted.  Still, that makes room for some new ideas that have presented them to me.  I find that the more I write, the more ideas I have to write about, so making some space gives us more variety, anyway.

Not to worry, though, all but one of the February stories are written.  The rest will get queued up for your viewing pleasure guaranteeing a veritable cornucopia of erotic titillation throughout February!

This week we’re going a bit lighter than last week. I’m going to share the first story I ever published on  It’s the second or third erotic story that I ever wrote. I think it’s sweet and a bit of a laugh. I’ll be posting Upstairs on Wednesday.

On Friday we return to the realm of BDSM with a fun story called Sub Let.

Joe Tortuga

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