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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Body Slave

(bdsm, FF, Fsub, MF)

February 01, 2013

**His Body Slave slept bound at the foot of her Master’s bed on a straw mat he’d purchased specially for her.  At 6:45 AM the bindings on her cuffs unlatched and she awoke.  It was her only alarm and it had to wake her up, or she would suffer for ruining Master’s day.  She stretched briefly and crawled onto his bed — the only time when she could do this on her own volition, although it was by Master’s standing order.

The lack of morning light made his dark brown skin seem almost black.  She slid under the sheets, careful not to expose her Master to the cold, and found her place between his legs.  His cock was in that beautiful place where it had just begun to get hard.  It was full yet soft and hung down as if it were greedily reaching for her lips.  She smiled and took him into her mouth, teasing him and bringing him to hardness.

Once he was hard, her job was simple: keep him that way until he woke up.  This morning he wasn’t long in waking; it was going to be a big day for him, so he woke easily.  He tossed the sheets aside, and took her hair in his hands, holding her still while he fucked her face.  His Body Slave just opened her throat and took it, letting him use her as he would.  Finally he thrust deep into her, his balls on her chin as he shot his load down her throat.

He shoved her away without a thought, and she began the rest of her day.  At least it would be a good one; any day he came inside her was a good one.  

He got up and headed into the bathroom, where she followed. As he selected his wardrobe, she prepared his shower. Today it was his desire to handcuff her hands behind her back before getting into the shower. He soaped her up and she ran her own pale body against his firm dark skin, doing her best to get him clean. His cock responded, and she turned to grab it with her hands. He slid up and down her fingers, and settled between her ass cheeks which were filled with lather.

She fell a bit as he assaulted her, running his cock against her, and her face was pressed against the cool tile as he used her.  Finally he came, spurting his come all over her back. She knelt before him, and cleaned him off while the streaming water cleared the soap off both of them. Then he held her there and let go his morning piss, which she drank as best she could.

She helped him dress, buttoning his shirt, and straightening his socks. “I’m going in early today,” he said. “No time for breakfast; also I’ll be late. I’ll make sure Giles looks in on you today.”

She nodded and he opened her cage.  Everything in his life had a place, and remained in their place when not in use.  If he wasn’t going to be around, he didn’t need a Body Slave to accompany his every need, so she too went to her place.  She crawled into the cage, and he locked it behind her.  He reached in and helped her into the arm braces that kept her hands behind her.  It was her continued punishment for pleasing herself in his absence.

Before he left he patted the cage gently, and covered it with a dark blanket.

She drifted off into quiet contemplation of her Master and her new place in the world.  Some time later — she knew it was a few hours — the blanket was lifted, and a bowl of oatmeal and bacon was placed in front of her.  “Lunch is served,” Giles said.  “Did Master fuck you this morning?”

The Body Slave shook her head and began eating the bowl on the floor.  “Very good,” Giles said, unzipping his pants. “Assume the position.”  She was almost in it like she was, on her knees eating her food, but she thrust her ass up to the top of the cage and pressed it against the back wall.  Giles sank his cock deep into her with a sigh.  He wasn’t as large or thick as Master, but it felt good.  Master told her it was her duty to reward Giles for all his faithful service, and what Master wanted, she did.

It wasn’t long before Giles was hammering into her, pushing her face into her bowl, and filling her with his come. The Body Slave even came a couple of times with his use.  

Giles opened the cage, and pulled her out.  He took a warm cloth and wiped her face.  There was a gentle look in his face, and she smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek.  Things had been different once, before she’d found her Master’s cock and learned her true place in the world.

“Master has scheduled a scourging,” he said.  She just nodded and followed behind him.

He led her down into the finished basement of the mansion which had been refitted as a dungeon.  In the center, a pillory had been raised and Lara, the chief maid stood beside it in a leather corset and stockings.  Giles unlocked the cuffs keeping her arms behind her, and lifted her arms up to the top of the pillory, where he bound them in the cuffs there.  “Dinner is at five,” he told Lara, and left.

“I so enjoy this,” Lara said.  “So many nights I dreamed about it, and now nearly every day.”

Lara pulled a flogger off the wall and let it fall gently on the Body Slave’s back.  It wasn’t painful yet, but it was coming, so she just thought about her Master, his smooth ebony skin. She thought about his hard cock, and how good it felt when he filled her up with it.  Lara switched to heavier floggers, swinging them into her back with a thud.  Her pussy moistened as the pain built and she was scourged.

Lara stopped for a moment, and stood beside her. “You get the cane today,” she said with a giggle. “He’s bringing home a real woman, and he wants your ass marked for her to see.”  She laughed hard then, and grabbed a fiberglass cane off the wall.  The Body Slave heard it as she whipped it through the air.

“Count,” Lara commanded, and hit her with the cane.

By the count of twenty, she could barely stand.  By thirty, she knew she wouldn’t be sitting anytime soon.  By forty, she couldn’t remember what number she was on and couldn’t call it out anyway, from around her orgasm.  Lara cut her down then.  “Eat me.”  The maid pulled her head between her legs, and held it there as the Body Slave licked.  Lara rode her face, and took her pleasure, casting her aside just like Master when she came.

Tara sprayed her off with a hose — the water was at least a little warm — and washed her hair.  She rubbed some ointment into her ass where the cane had left dark red furrows and bruises in her skin. Then it was back to her cage until dinner.

Giles got her for dinner.  She wasn’t cuffed for this, but that was so she could crawl like a proper Body Slave.  Her Master had already eaten, and was in the sitting room with his guest.  She was tall and wore a skirt which showed off her long legs.  She wore a dark tight top that allowed her dark nipples to show through.  Her hard nipples.  “It’s for real,” the guest said as she followed Giles into the room.

Master said, “Yep, and she loves it don’t you, dear?” She crawled up next to him and he put down his hand, which she rubbed against.  “She’s my Body Slave,” he told the guest.  “Tonight she’ll be ours. Whatever you want her to do for you, she will.  Once she eats.”  He set a bowl down for her, and she began eating.  His hand rested on her ass as he ate, and the guest cuddled next to him on the couch.  Occasionally she would look up and see her Master’s hard cock or his hand down the shirt of the guest.  She thrummed with his touch even as she knew she wouldn’t get fucked tonight.

When she finished licking the bowl clean, she used a towel her Master provided and bowed down in front of him.  “My guest wants a foot rub,” he said. “I know how good yours are.”  She nodded and took the woman’s foot in her hand, and pulled the heels off of them.  She rubbed the arches and worked on one foot, then the other.  

“Her hands are amazing,” she said to Master.

“Not just her hands,” he said.  “She’s a good little slave.”

“I can’t believe you use that word,” the woman said.  The Body Slave sucked her toes and ran her hands up and down the woman’s calves.

“It’s the word she used,” he said. “She wanted me to make her a slave, so I did. And now everything that was hers is mine, including her. And that’s the way she likes it.”

“God that makes me hot,” the woman said. “Okay, let’s do it.  Will she really do that thing?”

“Suck my come out of your pussy?” Master laughed.  “Yes.  And she’ll love it, won’t you? There’s some in there from earlier, Body Slave.  See if you can get it.”

The Body Slave was already working her mouth of the woman’s legs, ready to get a taste of her even before Master’s come was there.  As soon as her lips touched the woman’s pussy, she started to come.  It was going to be a good night, too.**

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter