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Erotica by Joe Tortuga


(bdsm, fdom, MF, sci-fi)

March 01, 2013

The CyBerTronic Fully Immersive Computer Based Training System is the first of it’s kind to do automated training in a fully realized 3D universe. Here you can learn anything from accounting to zoology all from the comfort of one of our CyBerTronic booths. UTrain Marketing Pamphlet

Dennis looked over the instructions pamphlet the receptionist had handed him. All existing and prospective employees had to update their training.  He’d been offered a job, but only after showing his proficiency in the new immersive CyBerTronic training booths. Dennis thought it a bit ironic that the wonderful new training pods needed paper instructions. Still, he needed the job, and Rossum offered a great training package which should help keep him employed, and his skills up to date.. According to the brochure he could even learn things like knitting or sculpture with the booths, but he was mainly here for tech training.

The light over the door came on and Dennis stood to enter the room with the booth. He stepped in, closed the door behind him, and looked at the booth. It was a reclining pod of some kind that closed around you — sort of like a tanning bed, but tilted at a more comfortable angle. It popped open and a naked woman stepped out.

“Oh!” he said. “I didn’t realize you had to be naked for the training.” He looked away, but not before seeing her breasts and the way her nipples stood out, hard and crinkly.

“You don’t,” she said. “It’s just more fun that way. I can tell you’re new. People who’ve done this before know to wait a few minutes after the light goes on. Not that I mind. You’re cute.”

Dennis blushed and felt a stirring in his pants at the way she was talking.”I’m really sorry,” he said.

 “You can look now,” she said. “I’m decent… for some values of decent, anyway.”

He looked at her again, she’d pulled a loose sundress on, but it was obvious she was still aroused, those nipples he’d caught a glance of pressed against the cotton of her dress. Her hair was shoulder length and wavy. There was a nice blush to her cheeks, and a bit of sheen of sweat on her brow. She looked like she’d been working out.

“I’m Dennis,” he said. “I’m here for database training.”

“I just took a refresher, myself. I’m Alice.” She slipped on a pair of flats and grabbed a small purse off of a small table he hadn’t noticed.

“I didn’t think databases would be so… energetic,” he said.

She giggled at that. “Well, it’s a good workout.” She walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek. “Trust me, you should get naked. It works much better that way,” she said. “See you around.” And with that she was gone.

What is clear is that hackers penetrated our outer firewall, and dropped a payload of some kind. It’s a virus, but doesn’t target our normal systems, and it appears that it has a sub-payload that doesn’t map to any of our standard computers. I don’t know if we’ll ever know what it was supposed to hit. IT Security Report (internal), Rossum National Staffing

The brochure did say that skin contact increased the neuro-responsiveness of the system. Alice had obviously been around longer than he had, and probably knew better. Dennis bit his lip, and shrugged. He’d worn boxers today, anyway, they’d pull on fast, and he’d put them where he could reach them from inside the pod. Plus he needed the training, and the jobs it afforded.

He folded his clothes and put them on the table, then slid off the boxers before stepping into the tube. He had to trust that if someone else was naked here he’d have some privacy. Maybe he wouldn’t be this hard when he got out of the training, at least.

The tube closed around him, and a quiet feminine voice urged him to relax. “Deploying nano-spray,” it said, and the chamber filled with a dewy gas that coated his skin and smelled of cinnamon. He freaked out for a moment as the liquid encased his body. The voice said, “Initiating Simulation” and then he was … somewhere else.

He was standing in a huge void, wearing a skin-tight blue suit with the Rossum logo on it. An attractive woman in a severe, yet professional grey suit and black high heeled boots stood next to him. The boots made her tall, probably a couple of inches taller than him. Dennis smiled at her. Her face reminded him of April, although a bit more severe.

She carried a clipboard, and spoke in the same voice as the chamber. “Dennis Carlton?” He nodded, and she waited.

“Yes,” and when there was no response. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“You’re here for Relational Database Design in MS SQL and Oracle, correct?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responded.

“You’ll do well,” she smiled. “Follow me.”

She began to walk away, and he felt compelled to follow — almost pulled, like he was on a chain. His eyes were drawn to her ass, which was impossibly perfect, and swayed as she walked. Definitely a simulation he thought. Also, this was no way to get rid of that embarrassing erection.

As they walked, the surrounding changed into a basic classroom. The woman’s outfit changed slightly, mainly the addition of horned-rimmed glasses, and her skirt shortened a bit. “Before training can begin, you will be subjected to a refresher to determine basic capabilities, and ensure you have the necessary mindset to continue the curriculum. Answer all questions; incorrect answers will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Dennis could have sworn that the suit got a size smaller; it was definitely uncomfortable. “Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

“Good. Stand at the head of the class, Mr. Carlton.”

Once again it was like he was being pulled — by the neck, or by the balls, he wasn’t sure. He stood in front of a large blackboard, and the woman stood to the side, leaning on a virtual desk.

A question appeared on the board, and he didn’t know the answer.

“The new training systems are working well, and cross-training is up. We’re able to place more of the workers, which is good for both us and for them. Interestingly, it appears the most pliable workers are the ones doing the majority of cross-training, with the Type As avoiding it entirely.” HR Internal Memo, Rossum National Staffing

The blackboard read, “In terms of databases, what is DDL? You can answer with an example.” Dennis had no idea what the answer was or any clue as to what it could be. To him, it sounded like something he’d learn in his training.

“If it’s about databases, wouldn’t it be covered in the training?

“That is a question and neither a correct answer nor an example.” Her lips pursed, and Dennis felt the weird suit he was wearing tighten, and shrink. The blue skin-tight suit slid off his shoulders and chest, and up his legs until it covered no more than a pair of swim trunks. Skin-tight swim trunks that showed every bulge of his (still hard) cock and balls.

“Uh…” he said. “Digital Download?” He’d heard that somewhere, and was as good as anything, right?

“That is a version of the term,” she said. “But it is not in the realm of databases. That’s your second try.”

The suit shrunk again, until he was standing there naked. The blue material clung to his cock and balls, though. The Rossum logo was even there, obscenely stretched over the head of his cock. Dennis swallowed hard.

“Please answer the question to the best of your ability, Mr. Carlton.” Dennis was sure she was smiling, almost like she was enjoying this and wasn’t a computer simulation. The suit began to pulse as though a hand was tightening over his cock and balls in time to his heartbeat. It was warm, distracting, and would have felt really pleasant if he knew the answer to the question.

One of the “Ds” almost had to be data, he mused. The other was the grade he was getting on this quiz, or the slang term for what he was worried might get cut off if he didn’t figure this out. “Data download?” he ventured.

“Incorrect,” she said with a gleam in her eye. “You’re just guessing. Moving to Motivational Level 2.”

Dennis let out a gasp as the suit tightened around his cock as though someone grabbed it and squeezed as tight as they could. It constricted around the base of his balls, and then extruded out, pulling his balls away from his body and, not incidentally, making him cry out in pain. It hurt like hell, and yet, he was still hard.

“Please answer, Mr. Carlton.”

“I can’t,” he said through clenched teeth. “I don’t fucking know the answer!”

“Correct,” she said. Immediately the suit went back to gently throbbing. The release from the pain was almost — but not quite — orgasmic. The continued pressure kept him aroused and wary that he could do through that again. “If you had known the answer, you would have proceeded on to level 2 of the training course after release, and my re-attire in more arousing clothing. Finishing this course satisfactorily will result in a similar reward.”

“Release?” he said. Could he not exit the training on demand?

“Indeed,” she said. “Please watch these tutorial videos. On hand experimentation followed by testing will ensue.”

Two IT teams attempted decompiling the virus. The all-male team disappeared for five days, returning with receipts for a hotel stay and prostitution services in Reno. The mixed gender team was found in the executive boardroom; the two female staff were ‘pulling a train’. We paid the first to cover it up and no harassment charges were filed in the second. Memo from CIO, Rossum National Staffing

The videos were as boring as any he’d ever seen. The main difference was that when his attention would wander, the suit would move from gentle throb to tight squeeze until he returned his attention to the issue.

He got a bit of a reprieve during the experimentation phase, since it was actually interesting to do something more hands-on. Plus he was rewarded for his enthusiasm, as the suit settled into a rippling motion that almost felt like someone slowly jerking him off. Never enough to get off, but enough to keep him aroused and hard. It should have been more distracting, but the price of that kept him focused.

Then came the part he really dreaded. The test. He didn’t like tests anyway, and after the earlier questioning he was a bit nervous about doing poorly. When it started, the blackboard reappeared, as well as his guide. She still had the glasses and clipboard, but now she also had a riding crop in one hand.

She swished it through the air a few times, and smiled at him. “Time for an assessment!” she said. “You will need to score an 80% or better to move on; scoring 90% or higher will earn release. Are you ready to begin?”

There was that word again, release. He hadn’t actually thought about ending the session, but then he realized he didn’t really know how. He’d read most of the pamphlet, but seeing Alice naked knocked most of that out of his mind. Well, he thought, better just try to ace this thing.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said. She just smiled and the suit began slowly jerking him off again.

The questions came quickly, right from the start. Dennis was amazed at how the answers came to him. With each right answer, the suit’s massage of his cock went faster.  He moved from the lowball easy questions on to harder and harder ones, but the challenge wasn’t just mental. As the questions got harder, the part of the suit encasing his balls got tighter, as if to remind him of the risk of making an error.

The sensations were overwhelming and caused him to mis-read a question, and call out the wrong answer. The suit tightened even more firmly than it had at the beginning, squeezing and twisting his cock, and compressing his balls hard. He gasped at the pain and re-answered the question, this time correctly.  “Acceptable,” the woman said, tapping her crop to the tops of her boots, and the suit eased up on the pain.

He felt warmth flow through him at her words, and then it all started again. The squeezing of his balls, the stroking of his cock. The questions, coming faster and more and more difficult. He paid the best attention he could, and called out the answers with confidence. Then the final question appeared — the same one he’d started his day with, only now he knew the answer. “Data Definition Language!” He said, laughing.

“Excellent,” she said. “You have demonstrated proficiency of the material, and an ability to retain the knowledge. As a warning, you will be expected to reiterate key portions of this before moving on to the level two training.

“Also you have scored 99.5% on the assessment test, qualifying you for release. Due to your high score, I will be administering your release. For level 1 classes, that means via oral stimulation. Are you ready?”

“Yes, ma’am?” he said.

She smiled and knelt in front of him. The suit spread out over his body, leaving only his cock and balls uncovered. She looked up at him over her glasses, and took him into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet, and he marveled at the completeness of the simulation. She swallowed him down full, and slid back off of him, carefully in control.

When he couldn’t help it and tried to move, to thrust into her, she pulled off of him. “No, Mr. Carlton. Not at level 1 at least.” He moaned, and she wrapped a hand around his balls and squeezed as she slipped her mouth back over him.

It didn’t take long for him to come.
VOICE 1 (HR Director): My question is liability. What if someone sues?
VOICE 2 (Female, unknown): Well the reports are clear: no one has complained..
VOICE 1: No one? Really?
VOICE 2: There’s been some who didn’t take further training. However, those who do continue are more satisfied, more capable and —frankly— more biddable
VOICE 1: Excellent.
Audio logs, UTrain CyBerTronic HQ

The room was empty when the pod opened up. He was also clean of any of the spray and, thankfully, ejaculate. He was sweaty though, it had been as Alice said, quite a workout. He pulled on his clothes, and was adjusting his socks and shoes when the door opened up and a petite woman walked in. Like Alice she was wearing a simple sundress.

He smiled at her. “I’m almost done. I’ll wear something simpler next time.”

“Your first time?” she asked.

He nodded. “But I’ll be back to try those higher levels.”

“Tell me about it,” she laughed. She pulled off her dress even before he left. She was attractive, and he glanced over her, wondering if her guide would look like him or not. Who knew Computer Based Training could be so exciting.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter