It gives you...


Erotica by Joe Tortuga


(bdsm, MF)

March 06, 2013

**It’s been about a year since Sylvia moved into that tiny place over off of Spring Garden Road. In fact, as of last Tuesday, we’ve known each other for exactly one year — that’s when we really started talking online.

So when, she called me at work last Tuesday, and told me to come by that night, I knew something was up. It was our anniversary, and she had been all mysterious about what she was planning. I’d suggested some things, but she’d just kissed me and told me not to worry. Her kisses can always make me forget what I was worrying about, you know?

Well, maybe you don’t, but they do.

Like I was saying, she called me early that day, and told me to drop by her place after work. I agreed, of course, we did that every now and then, although she usually came over to my place.

I went by the florist in the mall, and picked out a dozen carnations. No, not roses, she doesn’t like roses — she likes carnations. I did get her red ones, though. And I had her gift already, so I was covered.

When I got there that night, there was a manila envelope leaning up against the door with my name written on it big letters. I reached down, grabbed it, and tore it open. Inside were a pair of keys — the small kind that go in padlocks, and a note.

I read the note, it said, “I have placed your gift on the floor, padlocked with locks that match these keys. It’s yours to do with as you will, until you use these keys. — Sylvia”

I shrugged, and tried the door. It was unlocked. At first, I thought the place was ablaze, there were so many candles. They were everywhere, lighting the place. There were hundreds of them. I stepped in. On the floor of the den, just behind the door, was Sylvia.

She was sitting there, on her knees. She wasn’t wearing much. Just leather cuffs on her hands and ankles, and a leather collar around her neck. Her hands were close and in front, and her head was bowed, hair falling down around her face.

I walked up to her, and lifted her chin. She looked up at me, and I saw the padlock which was around the leather collar. I jingled the keys. “These match those?” I asked.

She nodded. “Anything?” I asked again. She grinned, and nodded.

I smiled back, and showed her the flowers. “Well, let me put these in water. I have to think about this.”

I can see by the look on your face that you are wondering why I had to think about it. I mean, I had a lovely woman in bondage, naked, sitting on the floor, and I didn’t know what to do? Right? I know, I wonder about that too, but I was kind of shocked by it all.

My cock was ram hard, too, you bet. And uncomfortable as hell in my jeans. So I went into her kitchen, got out the vase, and put the things away, and paused for a moment, trying to compose my thoughts.

When I was done, I looked back into the den, and she was exactly where I had left her. Even her head was in the same position. It was strange. I felt my cock twitch, getting even harder.

“Sylvia,” I said, “I have too much clothing on, please come and remove it.”

She crawled over to me, then, and pulled on my leg. She removed my shoes, one by one, and then my socks. she reached up, and unbuttoned my jeans, and slid them down my legs, motioning for me to step out of them.

She stood up then, and pulled my shirt up and over my head, and quickly she was back on her knees. She leaned forward, and grabbed my underwear by her teeth, and pulled it down my legs. My cock sprang out, but she didn’t even look at it. She was doing just what I said, and nothing else, but still, she was doing what I said.

“Go ahead,” I told her, “Suck on it.” She opened her mouth, and swallowed me whole, and began moving back and forth over my cock. God, I don’t have to tell you, man, she gives the best head of anybody I ever knew. But, then, you knew about that.

I tilted my head back and sighed, and ran my fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down. I could feel the darkness and flickering lights around us, as her lips and tongue slid around my cock, licking and sucking.

One hand reached up and began fondling my balls, and I started rocking back an forth into her mouth. I could feel it, my cock going down into her throat, as she swallowed me inside her. She squeezed my balls and a couple of thrusts later, I came in her mouth.

I pulled out, and she looked up at me and licked her lips.

“Well,” I told her, “that was a good start.” Then she smiled even bigger.

On the sides of her collar, and on her cuffs there were these d-shaped rings. I hooked a finger through one of the collar ones, and said, “Now where do these go?”

She crawled down the hallway, and opened the door to her room: it was also completely lit by what seemed like hundreds of candles. She crawled up on the bed. She laid down in the very center, and stretched her arms and legs out.

I looked down at her legs, and saw the bungee cords there. I hooked them around her left leg, then her arms and other leg. When they were all in place, she was pulled tight, spread-eagled on the bed. On the nightstand was a blindfold, and I slipped it over her head and eyes, and kissed her deeply.

She kissed me back lustfully, I could taste my cum on her mouth, and I started to feel myself get hard again. I got off the bed, and began tracing patterns around her body with my fingertips. Around her breasts, down her side, over her pelvis, down in her inner thigh. She humped then, trying to get closer to my hand, but the bungee cords held her in place.

I held one hand about half an inch over her pussy: she could feel me brush her pussy hairs, but that was all. Every now and then, I would reach down, and caress her there, sliding a finger inside her wetness, or gently rubbing her hood, and her clitoris beneath it. Then I’d move my hand back out, tickling her hairs. She moaned and tried to thrust into my hand, but she couldn’t move.

With my other hand, I circled her breasts, running my fingers around them, and over them. Just brushing her nipples. I watched as they got hard and crinkly. Every now and then I’d tweak one. First one, then the other, then that same one again. Trying to make sure there was no pattern, all while I was teasing her pussy.

Her head started thrashing back and forth, and she was pulling on the straps, trying to raise up, to arch her back to bring her closer to me. My cock was at full attention then, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I climbed on the bed between her legs, and kissed my way up from her navel, to her breasts.

I took her left breast into my mouth, sucking in her nipple, teasing it with my tongue. She let out a long low moan, and thrashed her head back and forth some more. I switched to her right breast, and grasped her nipple between my teeth, gently grinding it. She started trying to hump against my body then, and I stopped, and said. “Stop it. You’ll get it when I’m good and ready.”

She whimpered, and stopped for second, and then humped one last time. I could tell she was really fighting it by this point. I slid further up her, and kissed her again. As my tongue slid into her mouth, I thrust forward, sliding into her warm, wet pussy.

She moaned into my mouth, and I got up on my arms so I could look down at her. I smiled down, seeing the blindfold and collar and began to slowly pump in and out of her. She sighed, and began moving her pelvis in time with my movements. I leaned back down, and took her breast back into my mouth, her nipple into my teeth. I took her other nipple in my hand, and tweaked and twisted.

She moaned and sighed, and rocked towards me. I gasped then, and started thrusting harder and faster, squeezing her breast with my hand, sucking her into my mouth. She came then, her orgasm gripping my cock, pulling my own second orgasm out of me. I felt myself spurt inside her, and then again and again.

I collapsed on her and kissed her on the lips. I got up, cleaned us both off, and undid the bungee cords. I went out into the den, and retrieved the padlock keys.

I crawled into bed beside her, and unlocked the padlock. “I love you,” I said. “I loved my anniversary present.”

She smiled. “I loved giving it to you.”

She snuggled up against me, and we lay there, just cuddling, and watching the candles burn down.

“You know,” she said to me, “my lease is up in a month.”

“Yes,” I said.

“I was thinking, since we’re so good together, I could just move in with you.”

Of course I told her yes. How could I not?**

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter