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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

A Halloween Carol (3/5)

(halloween carol)

October 31, 2012

3: The Second Visitation, or A Nursing Mother

About an hour later, Sebastian woke up. He headed to the bathroom, and realized he was a bit sticky. “Nocturnal emissions,” he muttered to himself. Not something he’d had problems with since being a teen. Of course, he’d had a fantastic dream just like the ones he’d had when he was a teenager.
**He took a quick shower, just cleaning up a bit, and pulled back on his T-shirt and boxers. That cheerleader had looked awfully familiar, he thought. He looked up at his disused second floor, and turned the light in the stairwell on. Heading up he saw everything was covered in a huge layer of dust.

There were two bedrooms on the second floor — a guest bedroom and another which he’d turned into a study. For now it just contained memories — old photo albums and books he’d collected, keepsakes and memorabilia. For five years he’d stayed out of the room, as every time he went in, his heart ached too much. Now, though, he wanted something specific.

On one of the shelves, he’d put up all his old yearbooks — high school through college. He took out the one from his senior year in high school, and opened it up. There she was, Hope Marrin, voted “Most Popular”. She wore her blonde hair in two ponytails; the cheerleading outfit was in the same colors: scarlet and white. Of course, it said “TROJANS” across the top instead of “SALEM” but otherwise, it was the same.

A near spitting image of her, even.

He carried the book down with him, poured himself some warm milk, and lay on the couch looking at the pictures. Two whole pages were of the Halloween party he’d helped organize, along with Marty. The two of them had coordinated their costumes, coming as the Blues Brothers. They hadn’t danced much, but hadn’t expected to. They were nerds — that was the kind of kid who worked on party committees.

Well that and popular girls and the guys who had crushes on them. He found a picture of Hope, dressed as a sexy witch. Well, as sexy as a High School dance would allow, anyway. He chuckled at that, finished his milk and drifted off to sleep on his couch.

He was woken up by a gentle nudge on his shoulder. “Sebastian, wake up.”

He shook his head and half-opened his eyes. “Another dream?” he asked.

“Oh, this is no dream,” the woman waking him up said.

His eyes opened up, she was wearing a shiny nurses outfit in white with red trim. A shiny sexy nurses outfit, as it only came down to her thighs, and barely contained her breasts. She was wearing a witch hat, but she’d pinned a red cross on it, to go with the outfit.

She was older than the last one, probably mid-to late 30s. She was fuller and rounder too, and the outfit clung to those curves and made him stir. “It has to be a dream.”

“Think what you want, Sebastian,” she said. “But I’m the second witch that will visit you today.”

He sat up, and realized once again his erection was poking out of his boxers. “What?” he asked. “Why?”

“You know why,” she said, kneeling in front of him. “And I think you know what, too.”

She grabbed the zipper tab that sat between her breasts and pulled it down to her navel. The outfit opened, and her large breasts fell out of it. She grabbed them, and wrapped them around his cock. Sebastian let out a sigh, and she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock which stuck out between her breasts.

She rubbed his cock a few times like that, sucking in the tip when she came all the way down. He reached out to her, and pulled the witches hat off her head. Her brown hair cascaded out and around her face as he did.

She moved a bit faster, lubricating his dick with her spit, and rubbing it up and down with her breasts. After a few minutes, she pulled back and shook her hair out of her face, which did nice things to her breasts. “You like my tits?”

“Yes,” Sebastian said.

“I’m glad. But you know what’s great about an older sexual partner?”

“What?” he asked.

“More experience,” she said. She let go of her boobs, and they fell to the side, and then she lowered her head onto his cock, swallowing it whole. Her lips touched the base of his cock, and he shuddered at how amazing it felt.

She held herself there, swallowing him. She teased his shaft with her tongue, then lifted off with an audible pop. She looked up at him and grinned at his expression, then lowered herself right back onto his cock. She held herself longer this time. By the time she had to pull of his cock she was gasping for air, and he was close to coming.

“I’m close,” he said.

“Goody,” she said, and lowered herself back down on his cock. She reached in through his boxers and played with his balls. Then she swallowed his cock as she held herself all the way down on it. Her tongue ran up and down the base of his cock. Sebastian dug his fingers into the couch, and felt his orgasm take him.

His sexy nurse-witch swallowed it all.

She pulled off of him, “Feeling better?” she asked.

Sebastian just nodded, and noticed that he was still mostly hard.

“I think you could use a more thorough exam,” she said. “Plus I could use another hot injection.” She stood up and reached out to him. “Let’s go upstairs to your bed.”

“My bed is down here,” he said.

“I liked the guest room better.” She turned and sauntered away. Sebastian noticed she was wearing white thigh-highs and three-inch red heels. She went up the stairs, and the dress rode up. As he followed her he could see up it, and see that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “No panties, eh?”

“It’s against the sexy witch code,” she said.

“Well that makes sense,” Sebastian said. “You need to take my come back to the spirit world, after all.”

She laughed at that. “Well, that’s part of it. But I am here to take care of you, Sebastian.” She led into his guest room, and stopped him. She pulled his T-shirt off, and slid his boxers down taking care of his cock as she did so. “Lie down,” she said.

He pulled back the covers and lay on the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed and took hold of the zipper between her breasts.  She pulled it all the way down, unzipping it to the hem. The dress parted, showing her brown bush and her generous thighs. She shrugged letting the dress fell back and pool at her feet.

She stood there in front of him, naked except for thigh highs and shoes, full figured, beautiful and powerful. “I’m your nurse for the day and I’m here to take care of you,” she said. “So just lie back and enjoy.”

She began at his feet, rubbing the insoles, and massaging them. She worked up his legs, rubbing them in the same way, and planting little kisses on him as she worked her way up his body. When she got to his crotch, she swallowed his cock again. She let go after a moment before shifting in the bed, and starting with his hands.

She rubbed his palms and kissed them. She sucked on his fingers, teasing him. Then she worked on his wrists and shoulders. She rubbed his chest, and pl ayed with the hair that was there. Then she straddled him, and rubbed his temples. She pressed her breasts into his face, and let him suck and nibble on them.

He was incredibly relaxed, like he hadn’t been in months, or years. He was also as horny as he had been in the same time, even with three orgasms already today. That’s how he was sure he was dreaming.

She slid down his body, dragging her tits as she went, and expertly sliding onto his cock. “Oh, that feels so very good,” she said.

“Yes,” he whispered. She was warm and wet around him. He reached up and held her breasts as she rocked slowly on him. He idly teased her nipples. He didn’t urge her to move faster, he just wanted to enjoy this relaxing, sensual moment forever. She seemed to agree, moving back and forth slowly, up and down his cock.

She leaned over and kissed him as she rocked her hips. Just lips first, but then tongue. And then she was moving faster. He wrapped his arms around her, and they kissed and moved together. She shuddered on him, and then rode him faster. “Come for me, Sebastian. Fill me up with your love.”

She slammed down on him, grinding against him. Her whole body was over him, enfolding him as she slid up and down his cock. She whispered in his ear.  “Let me take care of you, come inside me.”  She repeated it like a litany as she rode up and down his cock.  Finally it built and built until he came again, as hard as he had downstairs. She lay on top of him afterwards, holding and enfolding him in her body.

When his cock deflated and slipped out of her he started to cry.  It had been a long time since he had been touches so tenderly and so intensely.  So long he wasn’t sure when the last time was.

She kissed his tears and held him as he sobbed. Eventually he fell back asleep.

When he woke up she was gone, but someone else had replaced her.**
Return tomorrow for part 4: The Final Visitation, or the Deathly Crone

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter