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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

A Halloween Carol (2/5)

(halloween carol)

October 30, 2012

2: The First Visitation, or A Cheerful Maiden

**Sebastian kicked his loafers off by the door, and dropped his jacket and tie on the loveseat in his den. He took his meds into the kitchen, and poured a glass of water. He shook two of the sleeping pills out on to his hand. They seemed a bit different than normal, a lighter shade of blue. He checked the label, and it was the same. “Probably just a different generic,” he said, and swallowed the pills

It was early to want to sleep, but after Marty’s email that’s all he wanted to do. The pills would help with that, he thought, and once again wondered if he’d become too dependent on them. It was just another problem for another day. Today was already a wash.

He headed for his master bedroom, pausing to look up to the second floor he no longer used.
It was nothing but dust and dim storage now, and a guest room that had been neglected. Selling the house was just another thing he’d put off these past few years. He just slept and worked, and took satisfaction in being a good boss and running a successful company. The rest didn’t matter.

It couldn’t, because then he’d have wasted the past five years.

The rest of his clothes went into the closet. He left his boxers on, and pulled on a sleeveless shirt to sleep in. He slipped between the covers, confident that when he awoke the day would be over and Halloween would have once again passed on.

Three things woke him. The first was a giggle, and the sound of a skirt rustling. The second was his blanket being pulled off of him. The third was the feel of soft skin wrapping around his hard cock.

He opened his eyes, there was a woman on his bed. She wore a scarlet and white cheerleader outfit that read “SALEM” across her breasts. On her head was a huge pointed witch’s hat. “I’m glad you’re happy to see me, Sebastian.” She stroked his cock a few more times as she spoke.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“You can’t tell by the hat?” she asked. “I’m one of the three witches who are going to visit you this day.”

“But you’re dressed like a cheerleader.”

“Even us witches like to dress up at Halloween,” she said. “That hat’s just so you’ll know I’m a witch.” She pulled the hat off, revealing long blonde hair that had been done up as two ponytails. She seemed familiar to him.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

“Have you been to the spirit world?” she asked. He shook his head. “Then no.” She stroked his cock a bit more.

Sebastian wondered if he was still sleeping or if there really was a strange woman — or teenager? — on his bed, stroking his cock. Put that way, he was pretty sure he was still asleep. “You’re not real,” he said. “Just a dream.”

“Has a dream ever done this?” she asked. She turned in the bed, and stroked his cock harder while playing with his balls with her other hand. “Does a dream have an ass like this?” Her ass was up in the bed, and her pleated skirt had ridden up. He could see that she wasn’t wearing panties, and she was aroused. He reached out and caressed the globes of her ass and she let out a sigh.

She let go of his cock, and ran her hand over her pussy, sliding over it, and lubing up her hand. She returned to his cock, and worked it even faster and smoother. Sebastian let out a sigh. It had been so long since he’d been touched by anyone, and this felt so very good. “I’m going to come,” he said to her.

“Good,” she said. He ran his hands over her ass, then slid one against her pussy, feeling her clit. Her hand became faster, more insistent on his cock.

“Oh, God,” he said, and squeezed her ass, as his come shot out of his cock. “Oh…my God.”

She turned around in the bed, and cuddled next to him. “You got me good,” she said. His come was all over her face. She settled her hand on his cock which was still pretty hard.

“Do you want to clean up?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “Come is sacred to us witches. I’ll be taking it back to the spirit world.”

He laughed. “You are definitely a dream, because that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” This close to her, he was sure he knew who she was. He’d seen her in his imagination so many times while he was in high school. The head cheerleader, Hope. He’d asked her out a dozen times, but she’d always said no — or laughed at him. This was a better dream than the ones he’d had of Vicky which had been tormenting him for the past five years.

She gripped his cock, stroking it slowly. “Well, how about this,” she said. “I’d like some more of your come, but you have to go easy on me, because I’m a virgin.”

His cock stiffened again in her hand. He groaned and rolled over and onto her. “Yes…” she sighed. He spread her legs, and her hand was on his cock again, guiding him into her wet warmth. Into her heaven.

He thrust against her. Her pussy grasped against his cock, holding it tight. It was warm and wet, and filled an ache in his heart he didn’t know was there. He thrust in and out of her and hoped he’d remember this dream when he awoke.

She pulled the knit top up, and over her breasts which were young and pert and needed no bra. He grabbed them with his hands, and she sighed as he held her, and fondled her and fucked her. “That’s it,” she said. “Just like that. Just like that, keep going.”

He held his pace, and soon she was coming beneath him, her pussy grabbing even tighter at his cock. “Pretty skilled for a virgin,” he thought. Then the idea of fucking a virgin cheerleader took over, and he thrust deep into her, in and out, until he felt his second orgasm fill her up.

He collapsed next to her, and sighed happily. She turned to face him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Sebastian,” she said.

“Thank you dream witch cheerleader girl.”

She laughed. “I have to go now,” she said. “But two others will visit you this day.”

“If they’re like you, at least I’ll go out happy,” he said.

“Oh, we’ll take good care of you, Sebastian. I’m glad I could give you a moment of joy. Rest for now.”

He drifted off to sleep, or back into a different dream.**

Continues tomorrow with part 3, The Second Visitation

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter