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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

The Fellatist: Hayward, CA

(The Fellatist)

January 18, 2013

This week the Fellatist plays some darts and engages in a little friendly competition.
**The week before Christmas found me in Hayward, California. It’s a medium sized town near a lot of other more famous towns like Oakland and Berkeley, and of course, San Francisco. As such, it struck me as a quiet place that people came back to from work.  That is, a traditional suburbia, at least as traditional as California gets.

In an attempt to break out of old habits, I went to Hayward’s one and only gay bar, the Turf Club.  Thursday night they were having their weekly dart tournament, and while I’m bad at darts, games make good mixers. I got a local beer from the bar, and walked over to where the tournament was organizing.

As expected, the place was full of men.  There were, however, two women there, and they were arguing with someone else near the dartboard lane.  They were both about the same height. One was a blonde with shoulder-length hair who was showing quite a bit of cleavage.  The other, a brunette, had long hair pulled back into a ponytail that ended just above her very short skirt.

As I approached the blonde turned to me, “Are you signing up for darts?”

“I was just going to watch,” I said.

“You have to,” the other woman said. “We have to decide this.”

“Decide what?” I asked

“A bet,” the blonde said. “We were going to settle this based on grades, but we both got 4.0s and our secondary idea wasn’t really a good one.”

“You just don’t think you can seduce a gay guy,” the brunette said.

“So we’re going to try darts, but we need a fourth for the newbie tournament.  I’m Beth, by the way.  And my somewhat competitive friend here is Ami.  So won’t you be our fourth?”

“Please?” Ami said, and I laughed.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Beth bounced a bit when I said so, and I admit I watched her breasts jiggle as she did so.  She saw and winked at her friend, “I can so, see!”

“I don’t think he’s gay,” Ami said.

“I’m  not,” I said.  “But I’m up for darts.”  I signed the forms, and paid the fee.  The fourth member was a guy named Max who was in town visiting his partner’s family.  Ami and Beth knew each other since high school, and were back for the holidays.

After a few minutes to chat, it was time for us to go.  The winner of the newbie tournament would get into the main bracket where the regular players were. The girls were unhappy with the bracket. “It’s boys vs girls,” Beth said.

“So we’ll both have to win,” Ami said. “So we can settle who is best!”

I was up against Ami first. I’d say she decimated me, but since two of my darts didn’t even hit the board, it was more like I lost than she won.  “Did my part,” she said, as she sauntered back to our table.  

I went and got us both beers. “For the victor,” I said.

She took a swig. “So why are you at a gay bar for Christmas?”

“I’m in town for work,” I said. “Looking for something for my hobby, and haven’t had any luck at the regular bars this week.”

“And your hobby is what, casual sex?”

“Well, close. I collect blowjobs.”

“You collect them?” she asked.

“Yep, and review them online.”  She had a look on  her face, and I just laughed. “Trust me, everything you ever thought of is online.  Someone has to make it.  I just do my own weird part.”

She shook her head and watched the game in progress. Max was actually pretty good at darts. Beth wasn’t bad, but he was winning. Myself, I was just enjoying watching her move.  Eventually, though, the inevitable happened and she lost.  “So much for our bet,” Beth said, coming back to the desk.

“I got to the final round,” Ami said.

“Only because you were up against him,” she said.  “We’ll talk about the bet if you beat Max.”

I got up and bought her a beer. She took a sip of it, and Ami and Max walked off to do their round. “You and Ami seem pretty competitive.”

“Yeah, we fought for the superlatives in high school, and we’ve kept up a running competition for various things while we’ve been in college.”

“What’s the bet for?”

She blushed and took a sip of her drink. “Oral sex, usually. Something you evidently know a lot about.”

“You could say that,“I said.

“What’s the weirdest place you’ve been blown?”

“Disneyland,” I said.

“And who gave you the best blowjob ever?”

“Guy named Mark in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was like he could read my mind.  But it’s hard to rate them, you know? His was just outstanding.”

“Figures it was a guy,” she said. “But then, that’s what I like when Ami does me, you know?”  She shrugged which did nice things for her cleavage.

“I get that,” I said.  While we were talking Max was rather soundly beating Ami at darts. “Looks like the dart game isn’t going to settle it.”

“Good,” Beth said. “That means we have a backup plan.”


“Yeah,” she smiled. “You.”

That was what I was hoping for.  It’s also how I found myself in the mostly unused ladies’ restroom of the Turf Club.

“So,” Beth said, backing into the ladies’ room. “Two blowjobs to completion, and you’ll tell us which one you like better.

“Wait, are we even sure he can come twice like that?”

“It depends on who I’m with,” I said.

“Then I’ll go second,” Beth said. “So he can look at my boobs while I get him hard again.”

“You aren’t the only one with a good body,” Ami said.  She turned around and lifted her short skirt, under which she wore only a thong. “Look at this ass.”

“I don’t think it will be a problem,” I said.

“I’ll still go second,” Beth said.

“I think we should toss a coin,” Ami said.  

“That seems fair,” I said, and pulled out a quarter.  I looked at Beth. “Call it.”

“Heads,” she said. It was tails.

“I’ll go second, then,” Ami said.

“Don’t blame me if he can’t get it up then,” Beth said.  She pulled off her top, pulling her bra off as she went, her breasts lifted up and then fell back down — but even though they were large, they were young and hung there as if they were levitating.  “They are nice,” Beth said. “But let’s get you unbuckled.”

Beth’s hands found my belt, quickly unlatching it, and pulling my pants open.  Ami hopped up on the counter and sat there watching us.  She winked at me and smiled, and I turned my attention back to Beth.  

She had gotten me unzipped, and had her fingers inside the waistband of both my pants and my underwear.  It seems Beth was somewhat impatient.  She pushed them down,and rubbed ag ainst my body as she slid down it, my cock sliding between her breasts as she crouched down.  

“He’s only half hard,” Ami said. “I guess the boobs aren’t all powerful.”

“Maybe if you weren’t constantly making comments the man could focus on what’s important,” Beth said.  She wrapped her breasts around my cock to make it clear what she thought was important.  Her tongue touched the tip of my cock and teased it while she massaged my cock with her tits.

By then I was getting hard, and she knew it, so she swallowed me whole, her tongue sliding over my balls, and her nose pressed into my crotch.  She held it there for a second, looking up at me, and then pulled back off of me and smiled.  Her hands were on her breasts, lifting them up and playing with her nipples.

She swallowed me whole again, and held there, and popped off.  And then again, and again.  She sped up then sliding me all the way down her throat, and then pulling back, over and over, Her hands kneaded her breasts, and it was obvious she was really getting into it. She wasn’t the only one, as my gaze landed on Ami, who had her hand under her short skirt, moving in rhythm to Beth’s head.

Beth’s excitement was making her technique a little sloppier, but that was hot in and of itself. Sometimes I’ll try to hold off, but that wasn’t a good plan for tonight. “I’m close,” I said.

“Come on my boobs,” she said,  She wrapped them around my cock and stroked me with them.  “Come on my boobs.”

I spurt out on her boobs, some of it getting her chin in the process. She wiped it up with her fingers and licked it off.  “That was a winning blowjob if I ever gave one,” she said to Ami. “Plus his come tasts good.”

“Not my thing,” Ami said. She pulled some hand towels from a dispenser and wet them down in warm water.  “Let’s do a bit of a reset,” she said and handed me the towels.  I cleaned myself off.

I kicked off my shoes, and pulled my pants off. “Mind if I sit down for this one? Or is that unfair.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Beth said.  She was getting dressed again, although I noticed she’d left the bra off, stuffing it in her handbag. “I’ll be over here watching the door.”

“Works for me,” Ami said. “That way you can give me your full attention, unlike what you did to Beth here.”

Beth just grunted at that, and leaned against the door.  I put down the lid on the toilet, and sat down in the stall. Ami began an abbreviated striptease.  Her breasts were nice, but certainly not as impressive as Beth’s were. After removing her blouse and bra, she turned around and lifted her skirt.  Her ass was perfect, and she only wore a thong underneath.  She pulled it off, though, letting it pool around her ankle, before kicking off both her shoes.

She backed into the stall, and grabbed my cock with one hand, and shimmied out of her skirt with the other, rubbing herself against me.  “Are you sure you don’t just want a fuck?” she asked.

“I can’t,” I said. “Besides, it’s against the rules, right?” It was not a good time to discuss my wife or her rules for my hobby.

“Yes, but you seem to like it,” she said, rubbing my hardening cock against her glorious ass.

“Ami,” I said.

“Fine,” she sighed and turned around.  She sank to her knees in front of me, her hand never leaving my cock as she did it.   Where Beth was all swallow and throat, Ami was all tongue and licking.  She ran her tongue on the underside of my cock and licked up and down it.  Her hand stayed on my cock, stroking it, getting it harder and harder, but her mouth and tongue were everywhere.

She sucked on my balls, licking them, and she painted my cock with her saliva, keeping it lubricated for her hand. I was pretty hard now.  Beth looked in on us. “Ami, that’s not a blowjob.”

She paused for a second and looked up at me, still jerking me off. “Sorry,” she said. “I don’t really like come.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said. “But I will warn you. I’m not a jerk.”

She nodded and continued licking. “Oh suck his cock already,” Beth said. “Or fucking forfeit.  You’ll suck something either way.”

Ami was looking up at me as Beth spoke, her eyes flashed in irritation and she snapped at Beth. “I’m getting to it,” she said. “Fuck off, I didn’t interrupt you!”  Beth put up her hands in defense and backed away, leaning on the bathroom counter.

Ami got a determined look in her eyes and slid her lips over the tip of my cock.  Her hand never stopped jacking me off in the process.  Meanwhile, she brought up her other hand to play with my balls. That’s when she did this thing with her tongue.

I’d tell you what it was, but I’m just not sure. Maybe she’ll let the secret out for the good of blowjobkind. Somehow I think it’ll stay her secret as long as Beth might get benefit from it.

At any rate, it moved me from “oh, that feels good” to “I’m almost ready to come” with a couple of licks.  I warned her, and she just shifted her jacking hand down to the base of my cock, and held it there for a bit, all the while sucking on the tip of my cock.  My excitement backed off and then she did it again, repeating the process over and over.

I tried to warn her as I promised (and as I feel is only polite), but eventually I could barely speak, much less tell when I was about to come. Surprisingly, she didn’t stop when I came, but  just swallowed, and jerked a bit more out of my cock, making sure to get it all.

“That’ll show that slut,” she said after I was done coming. AlI could do was lean back and try to gather my energy after the two intense orgasms so close together.  

“Since when do you swallow?” Beth asked.

“Only mostly,” Ami said, sticking out her tongue at Beth. “Want some?”

“Save it,” Beth said. “I hear it mixes nice with my pussy juices.  You can let me know.”

“Why don’t you two just 69 and be done with it?” I asked.

“It matters who wins,” Ami said.

“Yeah,” said Beth, “So tell us: who won?”

I pulled up my pants and adjusted my clothes in general. “I need some time to think about that.  I’ll probably put it in the review.”

“The one online?” Beth said.

“When does that go up?” Ami said.

“Oh, Mid-January probably.”

“I have MLK day off,” Ami said to Beth.

“It’s a date.”

I walked out of there feeling drained and refreshed.  In all fairness, I showed them the blog before this happened — a few more minutes looking at it, they’d have realized that I don’t give ratings.  Even if I did, I’m not sure I could pick.  Beth was enthusiastic and totally into it.  Ami had some mind-blowing tricks, but hers was — honestly — mostly a hand job.  Not that I care that much, it’s all good to me.  But in terms of their contest?

All I can say is, Hayward CA gets a gold star on the map.**
I hope you enjoyed this month’s journey by the Fellatist. He will return on February 8, 2013, to let us know how his trip to Beaumont, TX goes. Also, we want to dedicate this piece to Shon Richards. He knows why..

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter