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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Chapter 7: If I Could Turn Back Time

(cuckolder, MF, Summer of 89, voy, warn)

June 12, 2013

I spent Wednesday and Thursday mowing lawns, and catching up on the work I hadn’t done earlier in the week, due to the holiday.  I was so busy I didn’t have time to come home for a few minutes with Janet. That left me both tired and horny — thankfully tired enough that I just crashed at night.

Friday was a bit different. I finished up around 3 and Cindy and I had a date. I still didn’t have time for Janet, but I wasn’t that worried about getting off with Cindy. I still didn’t understand her — it never registered in my teen brain that girls and women got just as horny as boys and men. Even if it did, I never expected anyone to be so forward.

Still, there was no doubt — Cindy was using me for sex, and I was using her.  She claimed to only be using the sex to find out my secret, but I didn’t think it was that simple. Just an excuse to let it happen.  The other thing I didn’t realize then was how much Janet had taught me in those few weeks. I came to appreciate it later, even though I didn’t understand then.

There were a copule other odd thigns about that Friday. First, after I was done cleaning up for my date, Cindy called me.  “Hey, Condom Boy, my parents are going out tonight,” she said. “Which is good — they won’t be around. And it’s bad, because I have to watch the rugrat.”  Cindy had a sister, Candy, who was about 10. Old enough to be a pain, and young enough we couldn’t just ignore her and go out.  “I’m making us all dinner, plus popcorn and we’ve got a couple of movies taped.”

“I’ll bike over,” I said. “When should I be there?”

“Whenever you’re ready,” she said. “Mom and Dad leave in an hour, and they’ll be out really late. Really, really late.”

“Cool,” I said. “I’ll see you after they leave?”

“You’re a smart guy, CB.”

I looked at the clock, and considered to myself. It’d be tight but I’d have time.  Maybe I should have felt guilty for what I was considering, but I’d made no promises to Cindy, nor her to me. I walked outside, and knocked on the Cooke’s back door.  Janet opened it up. “Hi Brian,” she said. “Don’t you have a date tonight?”

“Not for at least another hour,” I said.  “So…”

“Plenty of time,” we said together.

She laughed at that. “So, want some lemonade, young man?”

“I’d love some, Mrs. Cooke.”

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. I moved close to her and wrapped my arms around her, and gave her a kiss.  She opened her mouth and we stood there for a minute.  I pulled her t-shirt out of her shorts, and she started backing away.  She took my hand and we moved into their living room.

“Bad news,” she said.  “We’re almost done with the remodelling downstairs.  This is the last time we can fuck in a bed.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah,” she said. “The basement is safer, Nathan barely goes down there.”

I kissed her again, and said, “I don’t care so long as I can be with you.”  She smiled and kissed me back.  Our hands were all over each other, our clothes loosening to touch skin.  We kissed as we climbed her stairs, until I finally just picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. She laughed and told me to put her down, so I set her on the bed.

“So young, so strong,” she said.

“You like ‘em that way,” I said. “Howard?”

“You got that, did you?  Yeah I like ‘em young, strong and ready to please.  You’re all that and good at it too.”  I pulled her blouse off, and undid her bra with one hand.  She smiled at that.

“One of the great mysteries my teacher showed me,” I said.  Her breasts were large and her nipples hard. I wrapped my hands around her breasts, and she undid my shorts, pushing them down, underwear and all.  She slid off the bed and knelt in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth all at once. “God,” I said.

She just sucked harder, and began bobbing her head up and down.  She grabbed my balls and played with them.  My eyes closed and I just felt what she was doing.  She slid off my cock, “How much time do we have?”

“Not that much,” I said. “An hour?”

“You better go ahead and come then.”  She slid back over my cock and began pulling out all the stops. A hand on my balls, a hand on my ass, her tongue doing interesting things as she bounced faster and faster on my cock.  For my part, I didn’t try to focus on anything but what she was doing.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “That’s it, that’s it.” I involuntarily thrust my pelvis at her, and she just took it all in.  I pushed her back against the bed, and she just kept up what she was doing. I thrust again, and that was it.  I was so deep in her, she barely even needed to swallow.  After I came she pressed against me to get me to back off, and when I did she gasped for air.

“That was intense,” she said.

“You okay?”

“Oh, yes,” she said.  Her lips wrapped around my wilting cock and began getting me ready for round 2.  I moaned as she sucked me in, and then she pulled off, and looked up at me.  “Did you hear that?” she asked.

“Hear what?” I said. I listened but didn’t hear anything.

“Shit, shit, fuck,” she said. She looked at the clock. “He’s early.”

“Who’s early? Mr. Cooke?” I said. She nodded. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

“You can’t,” she said.  She stood up and shimmied out of the rest of her clothes. She handed me hers and mine. “Closet,” she said.  I looked at her bewildered. “Closet. Now, Brian.”

They had a wide, nearly walk in closet, with accordion doors.  I stepped into it, and she grabbed a robe off a hanger, and thrust the clothes at me. “Be quiet,” she said. “No matter what happens, okay?”

I nodded, and she shut the door.  The doors had slats on them, so I could see out a bit. It was dark in the closet, so no one could see me.  She pulled on the robe and opened her bedside table. She pulled something out of it— I couldn’t quite make what it was, and lay on the bed with her legs open. I heard a wet sex noise from her, and a moan.

“Janet?” I heard Nathan call from downstairs. She was right, he was here.

“Unggg,” Janet said. “Up here.”

He opened up the door, and sniffed. “Smells like a brothel in here.”

“You’re home early,” she said.

“And you’re breaking the rules,” he said. I tensed. Did he know I was there? Had I left something somewhere? I hadn’t actually gotten out of my clothes, really. She’d just pushed down my shorts.  Thinking about it, I realized I was still half naked with my cock out in his closet.  I didn’t dare pull up my pants. If I made a sound, this would be it.

“Sorry, Nathan,” she said.

“Nathan, is it?” he said. “Oh, Janet, why? We just went through this on Monday.”

I watched as his large form passed in front of me, headed for Janet, and it looked like he was lifting her up by the robe.  He pulled at it and I heard it tear.  I bit my lip and clenched my fist.  “The big one, Janet? You are such a slut, you know? And you know what happens to sluts?”

“They… They get punished,” she said. He threw the two pieces of the robe behind him, and I just watched them float down.  It’d been a sheer robe, but it was now ruined. I swallowed hard, and then I heard a slapping noise, and Janet crying out in pain.

“Ow,” she said. “That hurts, Nathan.”

“It’s supposed to,” he growled, and hit her again.  I couldn’t see what was going on, what was he doing. The noises sounded like slapping, and I couldn’t see shit from where I was. Part of me wanted to rush out and grab him, and part of me wondered if this was the ‘no matter what’ she’d warned me about. I didn’t know, and it was the worst moment of my life up until then.

My eyes watered as he hit her, and I realized how much I cared about her. How much I was in love with her.  My nails dug into my palms, and he continued to hit her.  She moaned and cried out and squirmed.  He held her down.  I felt a tear crawl down my cheek, and still I did what she asked. I stayed there, and I waited.

He slapped her harder, and her yells became louder.  I swore to myself if he did it one more time, I would burst out of the closet and tackle him. I had a thousand dollars, almost, I could get her somewhere safe, I was sure of it.  But he didn’t hit her again.  He was done with that.  Instead he dropped his trousers and started fucking her.

She no longer cried out in pain, but in lust, as he fucked her.  Those sounds I knew. “Fill me up!” she said. “Come inside me.”  He held her hips and fucked her — I couldn’t see much more than his back, but I knew what they were doing.  My cock was hard too, hearing their fucking. Smelling it.  Knowing she was coming on his cock, wanting it to be mine that was there.

Other tears joined the first ones. I didn’t know if it was fear or rage or loss, or even who I was more angry with — him or me for doing nothing.  Maybe it was jealousy, knowing he was taking her.  Sure they were married, but how did he treat her?  And my cock was so hard. I stroked it, daring to move just a bit, knowing he was preoccupied.  I stroked in time to his thrusts, in time to her moans.

I was so horny, and I wanted her so badly. And, even though I felt so horrible and useless, I needed to come, as if that would make it okay. A bit of pleasure through all the terribleness.  If only I could have that, maybe I’d be okay, maybe I’d get through it.  Eventually my arousal obliterated any thoughts in my head.  Her cries grew louder and louder.

I crammed one hand in my mouth as the other stroked my cock. His thrusts became more ragged and rougher.  My orgasm met theirs, and I splattered on the back of their closet even as she cried out, and he grunted, animalistic, filling her up with his come.

He collapsed next to her for a moment, and I caught my breath.  He pulled off the rest of his clothes. “I’m going to take a shower,” he said.  “Then you, too. We’re going out tonight, I’ve got us reservations.”

I didn’t hear her response, maybe she didn’t say anything.  But I saw him walk into the master bathroom, and shut the door. I heard the shower turn on, and I opened the closet door.  I pulled up my pants and went to her.

She lay there on the bed, on her front.  She was a mess.  Her ass was red and bruised, her hair wet and tousled.  Her breathing was ragged.  “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” she slurred. “I am.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Your beaten, bruised.”

“I’m sure, Brian. You need to get out of here.”

“You need to come with me.”

“Go, Brian, get out, before he’s done in the shower.”

I knelt on the bed and brought my lips to her ears. “I love you, Janet,” I said. “Let me save you.”

She turned her head to face me. “Get the fuck out, Brian. Now.”  She whispered as she spoke, but the intensity of her emotion was clear.  I didn’t understand, why wouldn’t she go with me?

I ran down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the side door. I made sure the screen didn’t slam, but I ran.  I ran out of the cul-de-sac, not even thinking where I was going.

I ran until I was outside Cindy’s door.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter