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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Sub Let

(bdsm, FF, MF, MM, sublet)

February 08, 2013

**Kiko stopped outside of the brownstone. It was convenient enough, just a quick walk from the subway line her new job was on. So far she’d been crashing on a friend’s couch since moving to the city, and when she heard about Alan’s year abroad she knew that’d be just the thing.

“Look,” Alan said over lunch the day before, his eyes shifting away and down. “I don’t really think you’re going to want to take over my sublet.”

“Why not?” Kiko asked. “Your roommates seem cool enough, and they like me.”

“Oh, they’d like you,” Alan said. “Particularly Sally.”

“And didn’t you say it was cheap?” Cheaper than any other apartment she’d found.

“Nothing is free,” Alan said.  When she’d pressed the issue he’d just told her to come by today when he’d show her the place and ‘go over the costs.’

Kiko pressed on the call button. “I’m here!” she said.  

The door buzzed and she heard one of the twins say “Come on up”  She climbed the two flights of stairs, and found apartment 312.  She’d been here before, but never on a Friday.  She knocked on the door, and Alan opened it.

He was wearing an apron that read “Kiss the Cook” with a bit arrow pointing down at his crotch.  “Come on in,” he said. “I’m just making dinner.”  He turned and she saw that Alan wasn’t wearing anything but the apron.

She stepped into the room, where the twins were setting up a poker table, and Sally was sitting back in a chair, supervising.  Sally was wearing a pink plaid skirt that came down to her thigh, which showed off her brown legs, and a tight shirt that showed off her breasts. “Konbanwa,” Kiko said to her.

Sally laughed. “My mom wishes I knew what the fuck you just said.  No matter how much Japanese she spoke around the house, I never got it.”

“Well, good evening, then,” Kiko said.

“Good evening to you, too. Alan says you’re thinking of taking over the sublet?”

“Oh is that what this is about?” one of the twins said. Kiko thought it was Robert, but it might have been Greg.  She was still learning to tell them apart.

The other twin looked up at her and looked her up and down. “Oh, my,” he said. “That’s excellent news.”  His voice was low and sultry and Kiko wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Kiko turned to Sally. “Actually he thought I wouldn’t want the place, but honestly, I need a cheap place to live. I’m living on Mark and Mary’s couch as it is.”

“Come, sit down next to me,” Sally said.  Kiko slipped into the chair, and then Alan was there with a diet cola for her.  He was still mostly naked, and Kiko thought she could see his cock pressing against the apron.  Greg and Robert set out a deck of cards and settled into the seats opposite the two women. “Well, we can certainly talk about the price for the place,” Sally said. “Alan needed a bit of discount, so we let him pay with his body one night a week.”  She leaned forward and shuffled a deck of cards.

“Unfortunately, there are three of us with Robert, Sally and I,” Greg said. “So we play some cards to decide who gets his ass each night.”

“You’re welcome to join in the game tonight,” Robert said. “So you can see what we have to offer.”

Alan walked over, and refreshed everyone’s drinks while Sally shuffled.  He turned to Sally and put his hands behind his back, and looked down at the floor. “Dinner is in the oven Ma’am.  It needs to come out in about an hour, but will be ready to serve then.”

“Very good,” Sally said. “We’ll deal with it then, I think you’ll be busy.”

Robert and Greg laughed. “Time to ante up” they said together, pulling off their shirts, and dropping them in the center of the table.

“Personally, I panty up,” Sally said, and reached under her skirt for her panties.  “You, too,” she said, dropping a purple thong onto the center of the table.

Kiko blushed, and pulled her own white panties off, and put them on the pile. She eyed them nervously, and wondered what was going on. She was also kind of turned on by it.  She’d never played strip poker, or really been naked around more than one person.  And she’d always kind of wanted to see Alan naked.  Since she’d gotten to NYC, Alan had been nice and unattached, yet aloof. Kiko could see why now.

Sally smiled at her as she dealt.  “I really hope we get you naked, Kiko,” she said. “I’ve wanted to see you since Alan first brought you by.”  Alan just stood behind Sally’s left shoulder as she dealt out the cards.  The boys passed, but she and Sally both put their shoes on the table.  “I’ve got a pair,” Sally said.

“I’ve got three of a kind,” Kiko said.

“First hand to the newbie,” Sally said. “Take the clothes, but don’t bother putting those panties back on.”  Alan untied the apron and pulled it off.  Kiko watched his cock bob as it came into view, and she licked her lips.  Then Alan crawled under the table, and up to her legs.

Kiko’s eyes got big when she understood what he’s offering.  “She just figured it out,” Robert said.

“Let him,” Greg said. “It’s what he’s here for.”

Sally was more forward, she put her hand on Kiko’s knee, and pulled her legs apart.  Alan went between them, and then she felt his tongue teasing her pussy lips.  “Feels good, eh?” Sally said. Kiko just nodded. “The question is, would you rather be where you are now, or where Alan is, but licking my pussy? Or their cocks.”

She looked around the table as Robert gathered up the cards and began dealing.  Alan’s lips parted her folds, and slid inside to touch her clit.  He was good, but then he’d lived here how long? Two years?  And he’d sucked all this cock and pussy? Her nipples hardened.

She lost the next hand badly to Robert. She was down to her bra and skirt.  She heard Alan unzip Robert’s pants, and a wild look on Robert’s face as Alan slid his mouth over the other man’s cock. Kiko couldn’t help herself and looked under the table at Alan as he sucked Robert’s cock.

“Such a nice ass, eh?” Sally said to her. “I can’t wait to fuck it.”

Kiko looked at her. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Sally said. “I’m the fuck-er not the fuck-ee. I’ve got a great strap-on; you can borrow it if you want. Unless..”

Kiko swallowed. Unless she wanted to be the fuckee, after all. She looked again at Alan as he sucked Robert’s cock.  She could almost takes his cock inside her mouth, filling her up.  She wondered if Greg’s was exactly the same or not, and shook her head. She had to get her mind back in the game, or she was going to be completely naked soon.

Greg took the cards and shuffled them, “Ante up,” folks. He tossed his shorts on the pile.

“Kind of boring panties,” Robert said, putting Kiko’s on the ante pile.

“Guess I finally lose my shirt,” Sally pulled hers off, revealing a bright red lacy bra underneath. “So, what’s it going to be Kiko? Skirt or bra?”

Kiko blushed and reached behind her back to undo her bra, letting it fall forward, she tossed it onto the pile and cross her arms over her chest.  Sal ly reached out to her and shook her head. “That’s no good, hon.”

“I call a penalty,” Greg said.

“She only has of piece of clothing left, Greg,” Sally said.

“I’ll withdraw it so long as I can see her boobs.  And touch them for this hand,” he said.

“What, what are you talking about?” Kiko asked.

“Oh, come on,” Sally said. “You can’t hide your skin in strip poker. Everybody knows that.  You’re doing it now, and Greg’s calling you on it.  So, you can forfeit your last piece of clothing — and lose if you don’t win this hand.  Or you can drop your arms and let Greg and I touch your boobs while we play.”

Kiko felt like a deer caught in headlights.  She looked to Robert, who had one hand under the table. “You folks take your time,” he said. “I’m getting my cock sucked real good right now. But I wouldn’t mind looking at some nice boobs while we do it.  And, from the looks of things, Kiko, yours are nice.”

Kiko blushed, and dropped her arms  Sally took her right hand and cupped her breast, teasing her nippled.  Greg dealt the cards quickly, and  put his left hand on her other breast. Robert went kind of glassy-eyed, and she heard Alan make gurgling noises under the table. Kiko wondered what Robert was doing to him.

She picked up her cards — four clubs and one diamond, nothing worth anything.  She could discard one and hope for the best, so she did. If she didn’t get a club, she’s fold, and maybe the next hand would be better, although she’d have to go “all in”.

She took one card, and hesitantly looked at it: the two of clubs. She let out a sigh, and then realized she should probably bluff, but there was no way she could focus.  Her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet, and she could hear Alan slurping away at Robert’s cock. And, she had to admit, she wished she was doing the slurping. She’d never felt that way before; some of her boyfriends — admittedly the ones with whom the sex was hottest — were pretty forceful in bed, but never anything like this. Never anything so slutty.

“Fuck it,” said Sally next to her. “I’m going all in.”

“Already?” Greg asked. “I haven’t even had a turn with Alan.” His hand played a bit with Kiko’s breast as he talked. He pulled on her nipple a bit and she had to bite her lip.

“Kiko’s got me all hot and bothered, ” Sally said. “I want to fuck and I want to fuck now. So fuck this game.”  She pulled the rest of her clothes off, and dumped them in the middle.

Robert set his cards down and put his hands beneath the table.  More noise could be heard from Alan as Robert looked Sally up and down.  “I’m all in, too” he said. “Fuuuuck.”  He let out a sigh and stood up.  His cock was limp and wet, but he got out of his clothes and set them on the table, too.  Greg shook his head and began undressing too.

When he was naked he turned to Kiko.  “You joining this suicide mission?”  

“I don’t think I have a choice,” she said, and slipped out of her skirt.  She felt all the other’s eyes on her as they saw her completely naked now.  She blushed, and sat back down.

“Well,” Sally said, “I’ve got a fucking straight. Read ‘em and weep.”

“Beat’s me,” Robert said. “I’ve just got three threes.”

“Well you already got off,” Greg said, “So what do you care?”  Robert just smiled.

“Well,” said Kiko, “but check me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a flush beat a straight?”

Robert laughed.  “She’s got you there, Sally.”

“As much as I hate to mention it,” Greg said, “But my brother is correct, a straight beats a flush.  However, it doesn’t beat a full house. So sorry ladies, but Alan’s ass and last night here is mine.”

Greg stood up and tossed all the clothes toward his room. Robert gathered up the cards and set them aside. Sally stepped back, and Alan crawled out from under the table, “That was fast,” he said.

He looked over at Kiko and looked her up and down.  He looked up at her and blushed before standing next to her.  “So, do you think I’m a terrible person now?”

“No,” Kiko said. “This…this turns you on, right?”

Alan gave her a short not.  “I think me too,” she whispered.  He gave her a small smile before Greg came over.

“You know the drill,” Greg said.

“Yes, Sir,” Alan said. He bent over the table, and Greg began tying him to it.  Kiko watched as he worked, lashing Alan’s legs to one end of the table. Alan’s arms were splayed out and a rope passed under the table so he couldn’t move them.  His erection, Kiko couldn’t help but noticing, was pressed under the table but hard against the wood.

“Come sit,” Sally said, patting the couch between where she and Robert sat. “We can’t fuck him, but we can enjoy the show.”

Kiko backed toward the couch, never taking her eye off Greg and Alan.  Greg dripped  oil onto Alan’s ass, then rolled a condom on and lubed up his cock.  She plopped down on the couch between the other two roommates.

Greg slipped between Alan’s legs. It felt so unreal and the moment stretched out before her. She was naked, sitting between two other naked people while a third was about to fuck the ass of her best friend. It was a moment of potential, and then she felt Sally and Robert’s hands move on her, their fingers moving so slowly it seemed to go on forever.  

Her legs fell open and then time seemed to move again.  Robert’s hand was on her clit, and Greg thrust deep into Alan’s ass.  Both Kiko and Alan let out moans at the same time and Alan turned his head to look at her, a smile beaming on his face.

Sally leaned into her, moving her hand to her tits as Robert slipped his fingers inside her.  “It could be like this every day,” Sally whispered.

“Oh, God,” Kiko said.  Robert found her clit and she lost her ability to speak for a moment.

“Say you’ll take the sublet,” Sally said.

Kiko nodded and came.


Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter