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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Son of God

(bdsm, church, FF)

June 19, 2013

Amy ran her hand over the carved marble surface of the Son of God, and shuddered. She loved Sundays. She remembered the first one.

It was the first Sunday after she had started “working” for Mistress. Roused from bed, she had protested. “But Mistress,” she had asked, confused. “I thought we weren’t Christian.” The first thing Mistress had done was to rip off her wooden cross and throw it in the parlor room’s roaring fireplace.

“We aren’t,” Mistress said. “But no one else knows that. So we go to church on Sunday. I know you are still… recovering from the change; when we are in a church, I need you to remember your new status. You have left your old life behind, and entered into a new one. So I have a present for you, to help you remember.”

Reaching into her secret cabinet, Mistress pulled out an ornate wooden box She lifted the lid, displaying a fine silk fabric, which she reverently moved aside.

Inside was an elaborately carved marble phallus, with intricate carvings all around it. “It is made to stimulate in the very best ways,” Mistress said.. It was also thick. While it was only slightly longer than her hand from finger tip to base, she wasn’t sure she could wrap her hand around it. She gasped as Mistress lifted it out the box.

Mistress smiled at her and said, “You will wear this for me in church, so you will know who truly commands you.”

“Yes’m,” she had said and bowed her head.

“Strip,” Mistress commanded, and while the lesson was still new, Amy had good reason to remember. Her clothing was quickly removed, and folded carefully away. Mistress then slipped the huge marble monstrosity inside her, filling her completely. A simple metal chastity belt strapped on the outside of it. Mistress locked it, and slipped the key between her breasts. Amy felt her cunt water around the cool stone.

They walked to church, and the thing slid around inside her: not much, just enough to make her aware, but the chastity belt kept it firmly inside. The stone balls rubbed against her clit when she stood upright, and “walked like a lady.” Mistress smiled at her as she strutted, tall, proud, and excited.

Then there was church. Despite what Mistress had said, Amy had never been very devout. But with the marble man inside her, she gave the very air of passion. As they knelt for prayer and the Eucharist, the phallus moved inside her bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally as the communion wine passed her lips, she stood, and her body shook in passion.

The priest looked at her oddly, and asked her if she was all right. “Yes, Father,” she spoke. “I have never been so moved by the Son of God before.” Mistress’ nails dug into her when he noticed her, and then she began to shake as she spoke. Later, once they had left the cathedral, Mistress began to laugh heartily.

“Oh, my dear, Amy” she had said. “I do believe you have promise to maintain your position.” There, evidently, had been many before her. “Whether I keep you or not, you have earned a reward.”

“Can I keep it?” she had asked meekly.

“The phallus? For now, and every Sunday. In fact, I think you’ve christened it.” She paused and Amy felt her Mistress’ caress on her face. “But I had a better gift in mind.”

Stroking the marble phallus, Amy smiled in the memory of her Mistress’ gift, and slid the Son inside her.

It was Sunday, again.


This was one of my early, and favorite, images. The dildo here is in fact the same as the one referenced in Episode 03 of Warehouse 69, about which more will be forthcoming.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter