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Erotica by Joe Tortuga


(bdsm, images, Mdom)

April 10, 2009

This is a brand new original piece, a short image for your enjoyment and arousal.


(MF Mdom harsh)


Her face flashes with shock when the blow lands. Her lips form a moue, uncertain and shocked at what happened. Her eyes are a soup of surprise and fear with a dash of defiance. A tear forms at the edge of one eye, and drifts down to her cheekbone. I lick it up, relishing in the saltiness of my creation.

Dark emotions, cold and erotic swirl within me. This is punishment for teasing and denying me, earlier today. I don’t punish her often, and never from anger. I’m not feeling anger now. No, this is lust. I slap her again, a bit harder this time.

Her lips still form that same shape, not quite a pout, not quite kiss. The flash of defiance is there and I slap her again as I see it. It quickly fades, as tears slide down both sides.

I lick them off. My cock strains against my pants. She sits there, naked, as I hold her face in my hands and taste her tears.

I kiss her and she kisses me back urgently. “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry,” she whispers as I break the kiss.

I lean back, caressing her warm cheek with the backs of my fingers. She turns her cheek into me, to kiss my hand. I slide my other hand into her hair, holding her head tightly. “I know,” I say as I lift my hand away from her lips, and slap her again. I can feel her jerk just slightly beneath my hand.

She doesn’t quite believe it, even though I promised her I would be cruel. I lick her face and tell her how I love the flavor of her tears. I bring her hands to my crotch so she can feel my hardness.

“Yours,” she whispers. “Yours.” Nothing else passes her lips, and those words barely do. Other words — safe words — could pass but they do not. I am almost satisfied.

It’s not just about punishment. It’s about reminding her. Of who I am, of who she is.

She is mine, freely given, freely taken. She submits to my rules and is rewarded. She defies them, and is punished.

I slap her again, twice. Harder than I had before.

She whimpers and cries. Her hands fumble at my belt, and push my pants down and over my cock, which springs up for her.

“Yours,” she states more confidently, and lowers her mouth over my cock, sucking on it like she needs it to live.

I run my a finger over her cheek, lifting the tear there to my mouth.

“Mine,” I say as I savor the flavor.


Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter