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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

SirTortuga's Fucktoy Christmas : Party Prep 1/4

(bdsm, fucktoy, mfm, partyprep, sirtortuga)

December 24, 2010

Fucktoy interviews were cancelled today because we’re prepping for the big Christmas party over the weekend. My fucktoy of the day had long brown hair in a braid that reached down to her ass. I had her strapped to a table, with the hair running under it, and locked tightly to the table as well.

I slid my hands up her sides on the way up to her breasts, and she twitched and let out a bit of a cry. “Sorry,” I said. I’d forgotten how ticklish she was, it was one of her limits. I hadn’t meant to tickle her, and she seemed to know that, so I just grabbed her breasts and fucked her a bit harder.

She let out a sigh, her mouth open where her head was pulled down by her hair. I hoped someone else would come and fuck her mouth, but everyone else was busy getting ready. That’s when Antoine came in.

Antoine is one of the best riggers I knew, and given the size of our party and the amount of ropework involved it was more than my folks could easily handle. It was totally worth the use of a couple of fucktoys over the holidays to entice him to the job. The fucktoys would probably like it, too, if I knew them at all.

I slowed down as he approached, but kept the pressure on her hair. Her head was bent back on the other side of the table — one of the many I’d had manufactured at the perfect height for this sort of thing. “There’s a problem,” he said as he approached.

I waved for him to make use of the fucktoy, and she stretched her head out, trying to reach his thighs and crotch. She was very well trained, I’d have to remember that when I gave out treats over the weekend. Antoine, though, just caressed her breasts for a bit, in a distracted kind of way. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “And how can I make it go away?”

He smiled at me, and reconsidered using the fucktoy. He paused for a bit, pulling out his cock, and sliding it in to her mouth. She started making eager noises, and I fucked her a bit faster. “You know that entertainment lady? What’s her name?”

“Carol?” I asked. I remembered her from last Friday, and ground my cock into the fucktoy. She’d been good, even if it had been a bit of an accident. At least it had been a welcome one.

“Yeah, her.” He slid down the fucktoy’s throat, and back out again. “She needs six fucktoys for her presentation, and she says they can’t move the slightest bit, or it’ll spoil it.”

“She say why?”

“Said it was a surprise, but she showed me the positions, it’s not too complicated.” He slid into her mouth again and groaned.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked.

He didn’t answer right away, as he was busy fucking the brunette’s mouth, so I took the time to speed up my own fucking. She bucked and came beneath us, without asking for permission. Her mouth was full, and I do have a policy about letting them come when my cock is inside them. Still, discipline matters, so I swatted her breasts a bit while I fucked her.

“I just don’t have the time,” Antoine said as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. He grabbed her breasts for me, wrapping his long fingers around her breasts, squeezing them. She moaned, and I started slapping her nipples in time to our fucking. She cried out in pain, and then again in orgasm.

I have to say that the way her cunt moved when she came felt exquisite. The way she moaned as she came must have felt as good for Antoine because he pressed his cock all the way down her throat and came. He let go of her breasts, and stepped back, as she licked his cock clean. I kept fucking her hard.

“Are the positions maintainable?” I asked him between thrusts. “Without bondage, I mean.”

He nodded. I could tell I was close. “We’ll have a contest then.” Upon hearing that, the fucktoy came again, and I pressed hard against her, coming myself. I pulled out and walked around to the fucktoy’s mouth to get cleaned up. “Can you pass the word to the fucktoys that we’ll be having a contest and need five volunteers for the party?” Antoine nodded and headed off.

When the fucktoy finished, she said, “Sir? I know I’m your fucktoy of the day, but I’d love to be in the contest.”

I chuckled, and put cock away. I unsnapped her from the table, and waved her on. “Go on ahead. We’ll meet in the gym in hour.”

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter