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SirTortuga's Fucktoy Blog: 12/30

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December 30, 2010

Today I’m going to have to deal with Fifteen. I’m mostly sure what needs to be done, contingent upon our discussion today. I’d have done this yesterday, but it was a busy day, getting ready for the NYE part, amongst other things. There were a few things that needed my guidance yesterday, but for the most part our household runs itself, and things were mostly ready yesterday.

There’s a few things that need to wait until tomorrow: costumes, food, and final bits of decoration chief among them. Pretty much everything else was already done, or close to being done. I’ve found that having the fucktoy-run Christmas party a week before my big party means most of the kinks —as it were — are ironed out of the system ahead of time.

My fucktoys kept things running smoothly, while one ran my calendar, the other took charge of my cock. I might have to have dual fucktoys more often, it was a pleasant experience. Of course, the most pleasant experience was giving Zee and her team the tickets.

When I got to her, she was cleaning up one of the play rooms on the second basement level. The room was the one I thought of as “The New Yankee Workshop Gone Bad.” While there wasn’t so many large power tools, it was definitely a carpentry shop, with wooden horses, planks, and most of the clamps were like the ones used in carpentry. There was also a wall of power tools that had all been perverted in some way.

When the girls saw me, she rushed over to me, her braid swinging behind her. She gave me a full body hug. “Sir!”

“I’ve got your ticket,” I said, and placed it around her neck. (The tickets are almost like badges, since not every attendee has pockets, or clothes.) She kissed me soundly, then. Her nipples had perked up and I wrapped my hands around her breasts.

She moaned as I squeezed them. “Cleaning up down here always makes me horny,” she laughed. I kissed her then, putting more pressure on her breasts, and causing her to whimper.

I grabbed her ponytail near the base, and turned her around. I force walked her over to one of the wooden horses and bent her over. One of my fucktoys had unzipped me and pulled my cock out while I bent her over, so I was in her quickly, efficiently and forcefully.

The horse wasn’t really able to support her, but she grabbed the legs, and I pulled back on her hair in part to give her balance,and in part to be rough with her. I am a sadist, after all. I then used my other hand to smack her ass, hard. As my red hand prints appeared on her ass, she squirmed and moved, but was pinned by my body and cock.

She came with the third swat. It took ten for me to come.

Afterwards, she worked some more on the room, moving a bit more gingerly than she had, but with a smile and a glow about her. “How are you feeling about what Fifteen did?” I asked her.

She paused. “I get accidentally tickled all the time, but usually people apologize.” It had happened to me, after all, so I just nodded. “And frankly, I’m probably less mad because it ensured my win — although I’d have preferred to win without the technicality.”

“Winning was that important?”

“We all want to be the best for you, Sir.”

“But only you two seem to make a competition of it.” I think I said it roughly. I was getting frustrated with the dissension and upset all this was causing. But before she answered, in fact before the words were completely out of my mouth, she’d turned away from me, ostensibly to dust something, but also to compose her thoughts or hide her feelings.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she replied, her voice quavering. “I’ll try to avoid it in the future.”

“Zee,” I said, which made her straighten —I rarely use their names to their faces. “You’re one of the best fucktoys this household has ever had. Trust me on that, okay?”

“Thank you, Sir,” she replied. “I need to finish this cleaning, or things will not be ready in time.”

I could have forced the issue, but she was right, and I needed to finish my walk-through. Today I deal with Fifteen, and see if I can defuse this problem. The point of having fucktoys was to not deal with this emotional shit. Did they not understand that?

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter