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January 18, 2011

I’ve moved his stories and blog over to Posterous. You can read it here. In a lot of ways, it’s a blogging experiment: writing every weekday, doing world-building and and plot as I go — although a lot of it is sitting there in my subconscious as I’ve sought a story for this world.

It’s a world with a secret BDSM society that dates back to Ancient Greece (at least). They have their own culture and mores, while trying to sit invisibly within western culture. (I haven’t decided about the Society’s existence in non-western culture yet).

The original idea was inspired by the #fucktoyfriday tag on Twitter, which was crated by the user SayNine. I think I’ve taken it to my own kinky space, but I do think the idea, of using and being used has a strong fantasy component that a lot of people care about. Consent is valued, but the results are more extreme.

I’m writing this as a I go to keep my moving in the winter, and to be able to respond to other people as I can. There is a sort of over-arching plot, but it’s a blog and if it ever becomes a burden, or never gains interest, then I can walk away from it. Blogging is a style I’m comfortable with, as I’ve been doing it in one way or another since 1995 or so. The fantasies aren’t hard because they’re mostly mine.

I’m going to post this to SoL as well, and possibly some other things, but I’m not sure yet (expect a post about that later). I’m not sure how to maintain the fiction there, but this blog is linked to my author account there, and will give me something to link to.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying it, and I’d like to engage with my readers on it, however that means to them.

Joe Tortuga

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