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Q&A: Best Hair Length in Bed?


March 15, 2013

Welcome to sex Q&A, where we poll our readers with interesting questions, and pick the four best answers to share with you!

Q: So what length hair is best in bed?

Patty Steiner
Hair length? You’re going to laugh at this.  There’s nothing quite like a freshly shaved head rubbing against your cunt. His smooth head pressing between your legs, and rubbing over your whole cunt, spreading the lips with it, getting your juices all over him.  Rubbing against your clit as he presses in.  I can only take that for a few minutes before I make him go down on me.

Second best is a couple of days later, when it’s just a little rough, and instead of the smooth feeling down there, it scratches just a bit. It really gets my juices flowing and hurts just enough you pull him up your body so he can fill you up with his cock.  Maybe grab your breasts and squeeze while he does it.

Then you take him to the bath and shave his head again.

Mary Williamson
Master has told me to never cut it shorter than he can grab it with his fingers.  I just got it cut, so it’s as short as I get it. It’s nice like that. His hands have to grab my whole head; it’s like he has my whole head when he pulls me down for a kiss. Slightly longer, and he guides me with it to suck his cock in bed. The pain is reassuring, you know? I know he cares because he’s controlling me.

It’s a cycle, I cut it then let it grow out. As it gets longer, he can control me better, in different ways. Once it’s shoulder-length, he grabs a fistfull of my hair and makes me kneel before him. Then, pulling out his cock, he wraps his hands in my hair, holding my head still as he fucks my face.  Then, when it gets so long that he masturbates with my hair, filling it with his come, I know it’s time to cut it again and start over.

And that’s fine so long as I keep it long enough for him to grab.

Agatha Stone
On a man or a woman? I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I like it when there’s enough for a small ponytail, maybe four or five inches long. It’s enough of a handle that I can grab it and guide whoever is eating my pussy.  Just pull on it a bit for more, or move it side to side to get them lined up.  Some people can’t figure out where the fucking clit is, you know? The ponytail helps educate them.

Of course, if they know how to please me, who the fuck cares how long their hair is?

Thomas Gardner
I love really long hair. My wife’s hair is down to the crack of her ass. It’s long and black and silky. Once every few weeks, I get a bill from a salon that’s more than I was brought up to believe you should spend on a haircut.  But I’ve got to tell you it’s worth it.  

She knows how to hold her body so her hair hides parts of her body, and she shifts and moves, hiding and showing parts of it. She also does this thing where she lets down her hair, and it drapes it over our bodies.  She runs it up and down my chest, my legs, over my dick. It’s soft and sensual and wonderful.

We’ve tried braiding her hair into rope and doing fun things with that. It’s time consuming, but fun for both of us.  Sometimes we want to go fast, and she keeps it in her braid, gets up on her knees, and I fuck her from behind, pulling on her hair like reins. It pulls her head back and keeps her still so I can drive deep into her.   It’s probably hell on her hair, but that’s what the salon is for, eh?**
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Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter