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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Pet Sitter

(bdsm, MF, pet play)

August 02, 2013

The man who answered the door had an Eastern European accent, although his English was impeccable — better than mine. His house was on a cul-de-sac in a development nestled somewhere between Upper Arlington and Dublin. For those not from the Columbus area, that means he was pretty rich.

But that didn’t surprise me, the pay for pet sitting that he’d sent to me when I responded to his Craigslist ad told me he was pretty rich, if not filthy rich. The consent for a background check I filled out confirmed it. “I’m Tom Mays,” I said. “I’m here about the pet sitting job.”

“Oh, yes,” he said. “You’re right on time. I’m not used to that — in Europe things are more casual.”

I nodded and he waved me in, and tapped a sheet of paper on a table in his anteroom. There was a small briefcase on it, tied with a bow. He ignored it, so I did too. “Read, sign. And take off your shoes. No shoes in the house, that’s the rule. One of them.” He chuckled at that.

The paper was a non-disclosure agreement. I’d seen one when I interned at a tech firm downtown. I shrugged and signed it. He looked at it and nodded. “Good, good. I’ll show you how to take care of Tatiana now.”

One of the odd things was that he’d not told me what sort of animal it was. “Tatiana is your…”

“Pet,” he said. “A very good one.”

We walked into a large open living room. There was a dining room and nice kitchen off of it, and an enclosed porch on the back. He walked up to it, and pulled out a set of keys. “I will be out of the country for four months,” he said. “The plan is that you will live here, and take care of Tatiana. You have the time, right?”

“I’m a college student,” I said. “I can arrange my schedule however you need.

“Good. Pay is housing and food and a small stipend, which goes on a debit card. Plus you get to play with Tatiana. All of this depends on how you two get along.”

“I’m pretty good with animals,” I said.

“Animals,” he said. He laughed a deep hearty laugh. “That’s a good one, Tom. You’ll do fine.” He slapped me on the back and opened up the back porch.

Inside was a dog cage for a medium to large dog, a bowl of water fed from a large bin, and a food bowl which was empty. Stacks of canned stew lined the shelves. “Three of these every day,” he said. He pulled a can down off the shelf, opened it up and dumped it in the bowl. “On nice days she can stay outside if she wants — she has a lead and it must be on, yes?” I nodded. “But make sure she goes out at least three times a day — and only outside!”

“Of course.”

He opened the back door, and called out, “Tatiana! Come here baby, I want you to meet your new caretaker.”

I stepped out on the porch with him and surely my jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide as a naked woman ran on all fours up to us. She had a collar, and some sort of odd bit in her mouth, and of course a chain on a lead. She bounced around us, and rubbed her head against our legs, particularly our crotch. Yaroslav just laughed, and let us inside.

Stunned, I just followed as he walked back into the living room, and she followed behind him, crawling. I watched her ass as it swayed back and forth. He sat on the couch, and motioned for me to sit beside him. “Sit,” he told Tatiana, and she knelt in front of him. He pulled out a key and unlocked the bit in her mouth, and pulled it off her head.

“This,” he said to me. “Is the most important part of your job. Every day, you hear me? Every day!”

I nodded.

“Tatiana,” he said. “You are a free woman, you may go when you want, and there is a briefcase on the table with clothes and money, and accounts — more than you can spend, yes?” She nodded. “It’s all yours if you want, or, you can choose this. It’s up to you.”

She smiled, and moved forward, and put her face in his crotch. She pulled his pants down with her teeth and his cock popped out. I watched as she sank her lips over it, and bobbed up and down. “Every day she chooses,” he said. “I wanted to set her free, but no every day. I can’t complain too much. I want you to ask her every day, encourage her to be free — there’s a bonus if she does that. If not, I guess she’s the bonus, eh?” He laughed.

“You can fuck me tonight, Tatiana. Taste the boy, he’s the one who’ll be taking care of you.”

She came over to me, and pulled my pants down. I admit I helped. She engulfed my cock with one big swallow, and I gasped as she began bobbing up and down on it. “There are rules,” Yaroslav said. “I’ll send you a pdf. Ms Hines will be in to clean and check on you both every week. She’ll let me know if you mistreat Tatiana.”

Right then I had no plans to mistreat her at all. What she was doing was blowing my mind. And literally my cock.

“You ask her every day, and help her go if she chooses. Otherwise, she serves you and you fuck her until you can’t take it anymore, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

“Good man. Tatiana, present,” he said. She jumped up on the couch and stuck her face in his crotch, and her ass in the air. “You’re a greedy little bitch,” he said as she sucked his cock down. “Fuck her, boy, fuck her. This is your job.”

I grabbed her hips and sank into her. She was wet and ready and tight. She whimpered when I slid into her, and Yaroslav laughed happily. I had to admit it was weird, but I’d been hard since I’d seen her, and it was my job. I wondered what sort of person chooses to be a pet. She’d never spoken a single word, even. And she certainly hadn’t complained when I, a complete stranger, started fucking her.

I finally came — and I think she did, but I admit I wasn’t paying attention. Yaroslav grabbed her head and I watched as he filled her mouth with his cum. When he was done, he said, “Down!” and she slid off the couch, and put two fingers in her pussy and pulled out my come and began eating that. I could feel myself stirring, but Yaroslav was getting up, and pulling on his own pants.

I followed suit.

“So,” I said. “When do I start.”

He looked over at her. “Tomorrow. I have one more night with her. I’ll wear her out for your first day, yes?”

I laughed and nodded.

“She needs this,” he said. “Keep her healthy, good exercise, variety of activities that sort of thing. Bring your stuff tomorrow, and we’ll put you up in the master suite. Give you all of the keys. Ms. Hines will be here too, she’ll show you around.”

I looked at Tatiana wistfully myself and felt myself stirring in my pants. “Tomorrow,” I said.

“Yes,” he laughed. “Tomorrow.”

This was going to be a great job.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter