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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Oskar and the Jeweled Collar (2/2)

(Fant, MF)

March 27, 2013

There I was, in a closet on the first floor of the Weston Estate. I’d gone there to steal the wife’s magical jeweled collar, which she had left before heading out on her honeymoon. Personally, I’d have picked a better place to honeymoon than Adhoven, but it was where Lady Weston was from. The closet wasn’t particularly stealthy — in fact I’d pretty much opened it wide enough to walk through, so that I could see the tableau on display for me. The head manservant, Landon was pounding into one of the maids by the name of Ember.


They’d never done that before, I knew because Ember was constantly repeating lines like “Oh, if only I knew how hard and big you were, we would have done this sooner.” Landon was mostly stoic, keeping a stiff upper lip and a stiff cock. His only vocalizations were huffs and puffs and moans as he pushed his cock (which was, I should perhaps add, of a decent length and girth) into her.

For my part, I had my own hand in my pants, and was stroking my own delightful member as I watched, the collar and my heist completely forgotten. Well mostly, as I watched, some doubt began to seep in. There was that other couple upstairs, and they had been going at it right when I heard that odd high-pitched noise. The one that I could only hear because my own magical talent was open at the time, and I was listening. It was only seconds after that Landon and Ember began their little show.

And why here? Was it just halfway between their original location, or was the magic part of that too, giving me the perfect view. This bothered me quite a bit, and I might have even broken my masturbatory rhythm. This couldn’t be a normal trap, it would cause havoc in day-to-day operations if it went off by accident. On the other hand, the Lord Weston was known for enjoying his perversions, so it’s possible he had set it, or had something that would cause it.

Who even knew what the powers of the collar were?

I shook my head, trying to clear it, and decided to open up a bit of my Hearing. Once I did that, I heard the ongoing high-pitched shriek. That was enough of a distraction that I took my hand out of my pants, and began to think about what I was going to do. I had to do something before these two finished up and noticed me, and before I got a headache from the screech.

Besides the couple in front of me, there were only three other people in the house. Two were upstairs getting to know each other better, and the third I’d lost track of. I listened for the heartbeat, and it seemed like it was coming from the master bedroom. Perhaps that person was engaged in some sex as well. I hoped so, because I was going to have to sneak past all of them.

I couldn’t just go the way I’d planned — Landor and Ember would see that even as distracted as they were. That meant heading for the secret passage I’d found earlier.

I crouched down, and slipped through the closet door. Landor’s hands were on the maid’s hips, and his head was thrown back. His eyes were closed, focused on what he was doing, so I quickly scampered into the kitchens where the door should have been.

Nothing was obvious, so I just rapped lightly on the walls, listening for any abnormality. It was difficult using my Hearing with the odd wailing going on, but I didn’t need pinpoint accuracy. I just had to find the passageway and its opening. Finally I found a hollow section of wall that might fit one person if they squeezed themselves tightly. Looking it over, I saw on the wall an empty torch sconce. “Let’s not be too cliche, Lord Weston,” I muttered, and pulled the lever.

Surely enough the door opened up and revealed a tiny passageway with a ladder to climb. I closed the door behind me, which left me in the pitch black dark. Still, a ladder is a ladder, and I began to climb. The noise got louder as I climbed, and I knew I was getting closer to the source. With luck I could find that too, I was sure my fence Edolie could find something to do with it.

At the top of the ladder was a small landing no bigger than the one on the first floor. I felt around on the side where the door was and found a small button. The buzzing was louder here, and I could hear two of the servants going at it hard in the room the door opened on. I’d have to hope I could sneak by them. On the other hand, they sounded pretty busy.

I pressed the button and the panel swung open. On the bed were two maids, their clothes discarded on the floor next to the bed. They were wrapped up in each other, their heads between the other’s legs, alternately moaning and licking. I wanted to stay and watch, and it wasn’t just the call of the magic, but I shook my head and moved out of the room.

According to Edolie’s map, the treasure room had two entrances — a locked entrance on the main hallway and another from inside the master bedroom that she expected wasn’t locked. With my hearing I listened, and the third person on this floor was in the master bedroom. I thought the magical screeching was coming from there, as well, but first things first. I’d come for the collar.

I pulled out my set of picks and set to work on the door. It took me three tries, despite the triviality of the lock. It was just too much with all the sounds going on. The two lovers behind me, and the third person — definitely a woman — was obviously masturbating. Still, that meant no one was looking for me, so I slowed down, took my time, and opened the door.

Inside was a treasure room, or a dressing room for a fine lady. The quantity of jewels made it both. According to my notes, Lady Weston had a mannequin of herself made and kept certain key pieces of jewelry on it when she wasn’t wearing it. One of them was the collar itself. I located it, and it was stripped bare — no collar, no other jewelry, nothing.

As if my day could get worse. Maybe she had taken it, after all. I reached out with my Touch and ran it over the other pieces. None of them were magical, but some of them were obviously fine. I helped myself to some of them; they’d at least make sure this trip wasn’t wasted.

As I worked my way through the room, I noted that the door into the master bedroom was open. I looked, and on it was a naked redhead with a claw tattoo on her breast. Around her neck was the collar, and she was fucking herself with a large white dildo.

Someone had beaten me to the heist!

I must have made a noise of shock, because she turned to me. “Don’t just stand there, help me out!”

“You aren’t afraid I’ll turn you in?”

“You’re not on staff here,” she said. “I suspect you’re after the same thing I was.” Even as she spoke, she kept fucking herself with the dildo.

“Only you beat me to it.”

“Yes, dammit,” she said. “Fuck!” She thrust the dildo hard into her pussy and ground against it.

“I’m surprised you aren’t gone. You’ve got the collar,” I said.

“Can’t,” she said. “Not since it snapped around my nec k.”

“And you want me to touch that thing?”

“Please?” she said. she turned to me, her nipples were hard, and her hair plastered to her face. She licked her lips. The high pitched whine was coming from this room, so the collar was probably the thing causing it. I’d have to touch it to take it from her.

I took a deep breath and stepped into the room. The screeching sound got more intense; not louder or higher — just more insistent. It pressed against me, insistent. My heartbeat thumped in time to the sound, and so did the woman’s. My cock went rigid, even harder than it had been downstairs. If I hadn’t had my Hearing open, if I couldn’t hear it’s raspy screeching, it would have taken me again.

I swallowed hard and walked over to the bed. “It just snapped on when you touched it?” I asked. My mouth was dry from my desire for her.

She turned to me as I drew closer to her; her hands stayed on the dildo, thrusting in and out. “Yes,” she said. “It’s like a slave collar.” She moaned a bit. “A sex slave collar.”

“How do I know it won’t just attach to me, then?”

“You don’t,” she said. “I’ll owe you.”

“Yes you will,” I said, and reached out.

I opened up my sense of Touch, and it was like my hands were assaulted with the magic in the air. I licked my lips and looked up and down the redhead’s body, finally fixing my gaze on her breasts. On the nipples as they bounced up and down as she masturbated. On the tattoo of the dragon claw that surrounded one breast, the tip of the claw coming up to her nipple itself. I shook my head to clear the magical temptation, and reached down to touch the collar.

Nothing happened when I touched it. I pulled at it, and it didn’t undo. I reached around the back, looking for a clasp, and there wasn’t one. “It’s not coming off,” I said. “And there’s no clasp.”

“Please try,” she said. One of her hands left the dildo and slipped up my body. I pulled at the collar again, but it was seamless, or the seam was hidden in with all the jewelry. “Not like that,” she said breathily. “Like this.” She took my hand in hers, and slid it down to her crotch. Her hand wrapped mine around the dildo. I thrust it into her, and that’s when the magic took over.

I was the heartbeat, the music, the thrust. I couldn’t stop it, and I didn’t want to.

I dropped my Hearing so the magic could take me more fully. The woman moaned as I moved away from her, but stopped complaining as I shucked off my clothes. Once I was naked, I leaned over her, and kissed her on the lips. Our tongues played at each other, and I slid onto the bed, and between her widespread legs.

I took the dildo from her.  It slid it off the bed and it rolled into my discarded clothing. One of her hands found my cock, and stroked it. She ran the other up and down my back. My lips found her breasts, her nipples and sucked; her hand guided me into her wet folds, and I thrust deeply into her, filling her up with my cock.

“Goddess,” she moaned Her legs wrapped around my back, and pulled me in tighter. I straightened up and put my hands on those lovely breasts, one hand over top of the claw tattoo. I squeezed her breasts as I rode her, and we lost ourselves in each other.

I don’t know how long we were like that, fucking back and forth. I would pull out of her, and she’d pull me back in with her legs. I’d squeeze her breasts tighter, and she’d moan and whimper, and urge me further on. It seemed like forever, and it might have been five minutes.

It didn’t matter that we were two thieves crossing each other’s path in a noble’s house. It didn’t matter that there were other people there, who could catch us. It didn’t even matter that we were riding a wave a magic. We wanted to be where we were right then, and I admit, if I saw her again, I’d want to be right back there. I like to think she would, too. One day I may know.

Eventually, it had to end. My orgasm built, as did hers. Once her dam burst, she kept coming with each thrust of my cock. I fucked her hard, squeezed her breasts tighter until I too was coming, spewing my seed inside of her.

The magic broke then; I collapsed beside her, and passed out.

When I woke up, she was gone, and so was the jeweled collar. Of course. I went over to my clothes, and the jewelry I’d picked up was still there, as was the dildo. I could feel magic emanating from it before I even touched it. I wrapped it up in some cloth and stuck it in my pack. I dressed, and visited the Weston’s treasure trove one more time, for a more leisurely perusal. Nothing else they had was magical, but much of it was enchanting. I took some of the more exciting pieces, as well as a few Edolie was more likely to fence.

I opened up my Hearing — as I expected the high screech was gone. I dropped a coin on the floor, and felt my way around the house. There were only four others present, and they were all lying down, in two couples. They were still sleeping off the effect of the magic. I slipped down the main stairs, and back into the basement, careful not to trip that alarm as I went. Then it was back into the street, and up to the rooftops on my way back to Edolie.

I dropped into her workshop through the skylight she left open for me. “What took you so long?” she said.

“Magic,” I said. “And someone else was there. Someone good in bed, red hair, and a tattoo of a dragon claw on her breast.”

“I’ve not heard of her,” Edolie said. “Tell me you got the collar.”

“No,” I said. “I don’t even think it was magical, it was just a renewable enchantment.”

“What makes you think that?” she said.

“This,” I said, carefully taking the dildo out. The magic on it wasn’t quite so strong as it had been before. It was almost cold now, and seemed to be made out of a smooth ceramic.

“That’s not magical either,” Edolie said. She has the Vision, it’s one of the things that makes her a good fence. She can see what has magic, and when people are lying, much more than I can tell with my touch.

I moved the dildo around a bit, and felt something move inside. I set it down and hit it with one of Edolie’s hammers. Inside was an eye-shaped bit of amber that glowed with magic that even I could see.

“By the Seven,” Edolie gasped. “That’s the Amber Eye!”

“That’s lost,” I said. “The gods hid it away and it was never found.”

“Not anymore,” she said. “We have it. Tell me exactly how you go this.”

I sat down, and told her the whole story, from the moment I got to the Weston’s estate. As I talked, I turned the gem over in my hand. It’s name, “the Amber Eye” is a euphemism, of course. It’s really the shape of a vagina, and it’s made of one of the materials most closely related to the creative sphere, the one tied to everyone’s sexuality. “If the collar was enchanted, it was enchanted with this,” I said.

“That means Weston knew what he had,” she said.

“How long do we have?” I asked.

“He’ll be back in three weeks,” she said. “Two if he gets word sooner.”

“Well, then, my dear Edolie, we have our work cut out for us. Good thing I stole some other trinkets, we’re going to need the cash.“**

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter