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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Madeline's Missing Ring

(cheat, Mdom, MF)

January 25, 2013

I saw her sitting at the hotel bar and thought she had promise. “May I buy you a drink?” I asked.

She looked up at me from where she was sitting, fidgeting with her hands. “I’m not really looking for someone.” she said.

Clair was working bar, so she set my usual drink next to me. I smiled at her and sipped my drink, which was a rum and coke, easy on the rum. “I don’t believe you,” I told the woman. “May I be blunt?”

“Will that make you go away?”

“If after what I say you want me to go away, I will,” I said.

“Then, by all means,” she said.

“You are fidgeting with your wedding band, or rather where your wedding band should be. That tells me that you’ve either taken it off — to appear not married, or you’re recently separated, and this brings you distress. I don’t think it’s distress, because the dress you are wearing is a very sexy one, but a couple of years out of date. Someone coming to bar to drink in distress wouldn’t wear that dress, but someone looking for someone would. Someone who I think wants to cheat on their spouse.”

“Maybe I changed my mind once I got here.”

“Then why not leave?” I said. “Unless you’re still not sure.”

“I’m just so angry at him,” she said.”He deserves this.”

“Well, I’d like to help you make up your mind, one way or the other. So, about that drink?”

She took a deep breath. “Okay, one more won’t hurt.”

I signaled to Claire, and she brought over another drink. “I’m Brian, by the way.”

“Madeline,” she said. “Everyone calls me Maddy.”

“Which do you prefer?”

“Whichever,” she said waving her hand. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Okay, Madeline,” I said. She was playing with her missing ring again, so I took her hand in mine, “Tell me why you are here.”

“I thought you knew that,” she said. “Revenge sex.”

“Why here, though? Do you work downtown? Are you staying at the hotel?” I ran my thumb over the back of her hand, soothing her. I’d seduced enough women at this bar to know the tricks of the trade, so I leaned in closer to her like a conspirator.

“No, no. I live up north of Polaris,” she said. “This is where he met her two weeks ago. I think I thought I might see her, you know? Figure out who she was and if she was more beautiful than me. And here I am the only single woman in the bar.”

Madeline from Polaris. That seemed somewhat familiar to me, although I was sure I hadn’t met her before. She leaned into me a bit, and my eyes darted down her dress, which had fallen forward. I could see that there was no bra with the dress. She was dressed to seduce, but was having doubts. She hadn’t moved away from me, so I moved in a little closer, sliding my hand up her arm, caressing it a bit. “Well, lone woman anyway,” I said.

She laughed wryly, and pulled back from me then, “Rub it in.”

“I like being with married people,” I told her. “It’s practically a fetish.” It’s exactly a fetish, but I didn’t say that to her. No reason to seem desperate. I put my other hand on her knee, and again she didn’t push me away.

“So you help them cheat.”

I shrugged. “By the time we meet, they’ve already decided to cheat. I just make sure they enjoy it.” I began drawing little patterns on the inside of her knee. Nothing regular, just drawing the alphabet lightly in a sensitive place we’re rarely touched by other people. I smiled at her.

“Confident, aren’t you?” she said. She took a sip of her drink.

“Confident,” I said. “Dominant. Sure of myself. All those things.” To emphasize it a bit, I slid my fingers a bit further up her thigh. Her lips parted a bit; her pupils dilated; her legs parted the tiniest fraction.. “Let me ask you this, Madeline. When was the last time your husband touched you like this? Just a little teasing, a little touching to show he was interested?”

“I— I don’t know,” she said. Her legs widened just a bit more, and I slid my hand further up her leg, finding the hem of her very short black dress.

“It’s being married,” I said. “There’s not time for playfulness, no opportunity for spontaneity. There are kids and plans and there’s no time, so you grab it when you can, quick and simple, the old in and out. Maybe you do something special a couple of times a year, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, but then sometimes you don’t. Maybe you haven’t in a very long time.”

As I spoke my fingers continued to play on her thigh. Madeline stared at me, her breathing short, her nipples hard and poking against the dress.

“I love him,” she said.

“Of course you do,” I said. “But you aren’t getting what you need. Maybe he wasn’t either.” I leaned forward, and kissed her on the ear. Then I whispered, “Madeline, I can give you what you need.”

She shuddered in need then, and pulled back from me. “I…I need to go to the bathroom.”

She was close, I knew, but wasn’t sure. If I let her go, this was over, so it was time to force the decision. I also wanted to see if she was as submissive as I hoped. “Wait,” I told her. “Here’s what I want you to do. Take off your panties, and give them to me.”

“Now, now?” She looked shocked to him, but she also looked horny. She also didn’t slap me or go away. I kept teasing her thigh with my finger. “You do mean now, don’t you?”

“Right now, right here,” I said. “Then you can go to the bathroom.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I’m not giving you a choice, Madeline. Or I am, but this is the last one. Give me the panties, and you don’t have to decide anything else tonight.” I teased her thigh again, and ran my hand up her arm as I spoke. “Just let go. I promise you will love it.”

Madeline took a deep sigh and looked around; I already knew no one was paying attention to us. Clair was at the other end of the bar, mixing drinks and giving me space. Everyone else was busy talking in their private groups. She slid her hand under her skirt, and hooked her finger under her panties. She wiggled in her chair, slipping it down her thighs. When it got to my hand, I pulled it a bit, and let it fall down to her ankles. She stood up out of them, and I scooped up the lacy thong she’d been wearing.

I have a spare key for my room, so I pulled the card out of my jacket pocket and handed it to her. “This will get you to the 25th floor, where my suite is. I’ll be waiting for you there, room 2501.”

“2501,” she said.

I nodded, and stuffed the panties in my jacket pocket. I smiled at her and watched as she slipped away. I patted my second key — this wasn’t the first time I’ve done this, and I doubt it’ll be the last. It would be a good night, though. I had a feeling about this one. Something about the timing of the whole thing.

My suite on the 25th floor was nominally set aside for corporate use, but I’d personalized it a bit. The stereo system had my favorite music in it, and I’d changed out a few of the random hotel decorations for things a little less boring. It wasn’t my home, but it was damned near close, considering how much time I spent there. All I have to do is keep things running smoothly and profitably, and no one will question the little touches. And even if they did there were explanations for that as well.

It’s a good little kingdom.

I set the stereo to play something quiet and sultry. I hung up my jacket, and put my tie around the hangar to get it out of the way. I tucked the panties inside the coat pocket, and patted it a couple of times with a smile. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then I opened up the wet bar and poured myself a rum and coke. Mostly coke, it wouldn’t do to have too much rum. She’d be here soon, or not at all.

I have one of those large comfy overstuffed chairs. I set it facing the door, and sat down in it to wait. It would be any moment now, but I wanted to check my smartphone and confirm my feeling. When had she said her husband had been here? I reached for it, but before I could get it working, I heard the sounds of someone working the door lock.

Madeline stepped in. She was carrying a small purse and my key. For the first time I noticed that she was wearing strappy black shoes with high heels. I smiled as the door closed behind her, and she took a half step forward. “Stop,” I commanded. It was time to take charge.


“Drop the dress,” I said. “Just slide it off your shoulders, and let if pool at your feet. Just put your other things with it. But leave on the shoes.”

She slid the straps off her shoulders, and the dress fell revealing her breasts. They drooped a little, but were round and full. Her nipples were dark brown and hard. She shimmied a bit, undulating for me. Her breasts swung back and forth invitingly and the dress fell to her feet. The purse slipped out of her hands like an afterthought, and the keycard wafted down next to it. She took a step forward out of the skirt and stood there naked except for her shoes.

Her bush was full and matched the brown of her hair. I could just see the lips of her pussy poking out from underneath it. I wanted to invite her over to suck my cock, and I wanted to push her onto the bed and fuck her right then. I couldn’t wait, so I stood and took a step toward her. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked.

I stepped up to her and took her wrists in my right hand. I lifted them above her head until she teetered a bit on her heels. I kissed her and then moved down to kiss her breasts. She gasped, breathing in as I licked her nipples. Finally, I answered her. “I’m going to pin you to the bed and fuck you silly.”

“Okay,” she said letting out her breath. I walked around her, and brought her hands down so I stood behind her. I wrapped my hand around her wrists again. “What am I going to tell him?” she asked.

“You could tell him nothing,” I said. I began walking her toward the bed. She shook her head, not accepting my answer. I kissed her neck. “You can just tell him you were out of your league, that you felt you didn’t have a choice, once you were under my spell.”

I kissed her neck some more, nibbling as I moved her forward. She walked slowly and gingerly towards the bed, trying to keep her balance despite the way I held her. When we got there, I turned her around and stepped close to her, so we were touching. She turned her face up to me, and I bent to kiss it. “Funny thing,” she said. “That’s what he said to me.”

A part of me jerked then, and my cock pulsed against my trousers. I pressed against her and she fell back onto the bed. I slid my legs between hers and she scooted back a bit. I didn’t let her go too far, just so she was on the edge of the bed. I undid my pants, letting them fall to the floor along with my underwear. My cock bounced out and she looked at it. I grabbed a condom I’d set aside earlier, and rolled it onto my cock. “Is it funny?” I asked.

The whole time, I kept an eye on Madeline and she kept an eye on my cock. The room was already smelling of sex, and we hadn’t really done anything yet. She was ready for me. “It kind of is funny,” she said. “Do you know the woman who had sex with my husband?”

Madeline’s ass was on the edge of the bed. I grabbed the heels of her shoes spreading her legs, and pushing them back. My cock sat at her opening, and she gasped. “Are you ready for me?” She nodded. I teased her pussy with my cock a bit before thrusting into her.

I slid all the way in, and settled there. Her ankles were on my shoulder and she was pressed down below me. I reached down and took her wrists in mine and pressed them against the bed. She was mine now, and I slid in and out of her slowly. She still had some defiance though, as she demanded “You didn’t answer me,” between thrusts.

I smiled down and thrust deep into her again. I stayed that way, pressing against her and kissing her cheek, doubling her over beneath me. I whispered, “Was his name Thomas?”

“Yes,” she said. “How did you know that?” I just nodded and started sliding back and forth into her. I pressed down against her, squeezing with each thrust. We locked eyes, and she started letting out little cries with each thrust, going up in octave each time I slid deep inside her.

I timed my own arousal to match hers, letting my own need rise in time to her musical cries. I became rougher and more insistent, pressing harder into her. Then I’d pull back slowly before pressing into her again. Her hips rotated up to meet my thrusts, despite the fact I knew she could barely move with the way I held her. Her body began to flush as a small orgasm crashed through her. I knew it wasn’t the big one though..

“Because I know who it was,” I told her then. I pulled close to her, thrusting hard, and teasing her with my cock. “I know who it was who fucked your husband and where and how.”

“Who?” she said. It came out as gasp on her arousal. Her nipples were like points.

I pulled back so I could see all of her, and she could see me. I kept thrusting in and out of her as I spoke. “It was me,” I said and thrust deep into her. She began to shudder. “I fucked your husband right here on this bed, just like I’m fucking you.”. I thrust into her again, and she was shivering with need. “I pinned him down to this bed and held him down while I fucked him in the ass.” I thrust back and forth, hard and rough into her. “And he came as hard as you are about to.”

She looked at me wildly, and I kept up my motion. She arched her back, even as I held her down, and she writhed beneath me in orgasm. I thrust home one last time, and let my own orgasm come.

We lay like that for a second, but I had to slide out of her and take care of the condom. It went into the trash, and she was still lying there dazed and blissful in the wake of her orgasm. I lifted her up and put her higher in the bed, and crawled in next to her.

“This doesn’t have to be over,” I said. “How long this goes on is up to you. If you need to, you can go. But while you’re with me, you are mine.”

She nodded and turned to me. “Tell me,” she said. “Tell me about being with him. With Thomas, my husband.”

“Do you really want to hear?”

She nodded. “I might even want to watch,” she said.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter