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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Kadja: Gaining Power 3/4

(bond, dragon, kadja, magic, mast, MF)

August 16, 2010

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

The next three days were a special kind of hell.  I lay there for a while, but just like I don’t avoid sex well, I’m not good at being still.  That third chakra was almost as strong in me, and I needed to be out moving and doing things, Jayne was right about that.  I spent the night prowling, something I don’t let Travia know I like to do.  It’s how Jayne and I got enough money for her to go into training.  I’m good at climbing and sneaking and, well, acquiring.  A girl likes her loot.

I didn’t steal anything those three nights, because that’s another thing that makes me horny.  No, I just climbed up the roofs of Winterhaven, and made my way around the city I knew so well.  I went back and forth across the city a few times, and even made it as far as the castle walls.  But I’m saving that approach for later, because I may only have one real chance at it.  No sense getting caught and spending my nights in jail, when I needed to be on Temple hill soon.

The goal was to tire me out enough I could sleep through the day, and it generally worked.  On the third night, I put on my best chainmail — the same set I wore for Travia earlier in the week — and headed for the gate to Temple hill.  I left most of my things at home, just a pair of daggers because I’m naked without them.  I didn’t think it’d matter much for the ritual, and it’d be worse to be without.

When I dropped down in to the square outside the gate, my sister was already there. She was easy to spot, as she had a couple apprentices with her as torch-bearers.  I didn’t recognize them, but that wasn’t surprising.  Her Master was a bit secretive in general; Travia was much the same with outsiders. 

There were two of them, a woman and a man, both cute.  I wondered if both or either of them would be involved in the ritual.  While I prefer men, I don’t abhor women.  And my nerves were such that I didn’t much care who fucked me, so long as I got fucked. 

“Hiya, Jayne,” I said, walking up to them.

“Kadja,” she said nodding.  “Ready?”

“Yep. Where are we going?”

“The Aerie,” she said, and turned to walk through the gate.  I followed in behind her, and the apprentices positioned themselves in front and back, lighting our path.

I looked up at the Aerie, the second highest point in the city — the highest being the spire atop the castle.  The Aerie, though, is a tower, thirty feet in diameter at the top, and built by some ancient and long-dead civilization. It was here when King Tolbin founded Winterhaven five hundred years ago.  It was a few generations after him that the spire got built.  People with ego problems don’t typically found lasting empires.

The Aerie, though, was wide at it’s base, and had a spiraling staircase built around the center.  

Carvings spiraled up the outside, making a particularly easy climb. I figured it would be faster and easier to climb up the outside, but I didn’t think we’d be managing that today. I added it to my list of things to do, though.  All in all, it was a pretty cool place to get laid.

Jayne stepped forward at the gate, and spoke to the priests who were guarding the entrance.  She spoke in low tones to them, and handed them a small bag of coins.  I arched my brow — who was paying for this? I hoped it wasn’t me.

“Let’s go,” she said.  “To the top.”  We went through the gate.  The Aerie has a spiral staircase that hugs the outside wall.  Newer construction on the inside abutted the staircase, making it a long hallway that ran up the side of the entire building.  Every twenty feet or so, there was a door into the inner tower. They were all closed, and I know for sure the first two were locked.  I’d know about the others, too, but Jayne gave me a look when she heard the second rattle.

I’ll have to work on that.

After fourteen doors, the stairs ended with a wooden hatch in the ceiling.  The male apprentice, who was leading handed his torch to Jayne, and swung it open.  I could see the moon shining above us as we climbed out onto the roof of the tower.  It was a perfect circle, about thirty feet in diameter.  Seven stone torch stands were spaced evenly about the circle.  The border of the tower ended in little one-foot talk triangular spikes that made it look like a crown from the ground.  From the outside they look like they’d deter a thief, but I knew better now.

In the center of the circle was a waist-high altar about the size of a small bed.  Next to that was a chest that looked new enough to be out of place.  Seeing that Jayne said, “Good,” and walked over to it.  “This is a good sign.”

“There was doubt?” I asked, nervous.

“Nothing is certain until it happens,” Jayne said.  She took an iron key out from within her robes, and fitted it to the lock on the chest.

“So that’s not normally here, then?” I knew the answer, but the mysteriousness was getting to me.

“No, it was left by your suitor.”  She pulled out several torches, and handed them to the apprentices.  They started putting them in the stone sconces on the edge of the circle.

“My suitor?” I laughed.

“Well,” she grinned up at me, “The one you’re going to fuck, anyway.”

I watched as the apprentices lit the torches, casting an orange glow on everything.  I could already see by the moonlight, but the torches showed that the carvings that extended to the roof of the tower.  The story of creation that began at the base culminated here, with the meeting of man and dragon, and what happened then.  The whole thing was intertwined around a cut out seven pointed star.  The torches stood at its points.  

I was overwhelmed with the feeling of age of the place.  The Aerie was an old, old place of magic.  This was real, and it was going to work. I was sure of it.  The sound of chains clinking together distracted me from my thoughts, and I turned to see Jayne holding up four iron cuffs.  “Irons?” I asked.

“For our sacrifice,” she said. “I guess you aren’t supposed to move around.”  She gestured to the altar.  “Sit there.”

I sat down on the end of the stone altar. It was surprisingly warm in the night air.  Jayne knelt in front of me, and chained one leg to the altar. “Should I take these off?” I asked, gesturing to my chainmail outfit.

Jayne looked up at me from between my legs, her gaze stopping for a moment on my crotch and breasts. It wasn’t sexual, just assessing.  She looked at me with a wry grin.  “No, that’s not necessary, or desired.”  I laughed, there was that.  A Medrhi warrior in garb is usually pretty ready to move from fighting to fucking.  Nothing was really in the way of anything.

She locked down my other leg, and told me to lie down.  I did, and she moved to my right, took my wrist, and clamped one of the irons around it.  She bent down, and attached it to the altar’s hooks.  She walked around to the other side, and attached my left wrist to the altar.  I had to wonder why something like the tower had tie-down rings on its altar.  I tried not to dwell on that.

Instead, I pulled on the chains to test them — I had no intention of going anywhere, but I needed to know.  I had a little movement — enough to help, but not stop the sex.  The chains themselves were plenty strong, if a little unc omfortable. No one promised me comfort, after all.  They promised me power.

Now that I couldn’t move, I could feel myself getting hot.  I took a deep breath, and looked up at the moon.

The apprentices finished lighting the torches, and I realized just how bright it was up there. Seven torches is quite a lot of light.  I realized that while no one could see me or Jayne, everyone in town knew something was going on up here. I turned my head to the hatch we came up, and saw Jayne usher the apprentices out. 

She closed the hatch behind her, and locked it.  I raised my eyebrow and wonder just what was going to happen.  I pulled against my chains a bit more, just for reassurance.  I think it worked, a little.  It made my nipples crinkle up a bit though.  I was more than ready to have sex, at least.  I held on to that thought — it was something I understood.

Jayne began walking clockwise around the circle, muttering to herself.  As she passed the torches, they changed color in the order of the chakras.  Red, orange, yellow, and all the way to violet.  I think they were even brighter than they were before.  The people of Winterhaven were getting a show tonight.

I looked up at the moon, and tried to wait for whatever would happen.  I reached for my power, just to see if it was happening yet, and felt nothing beyond my own arousal and expectation.  My sister was standing above my head, facing me, calling out in a language I didn’t quite understand.

That’s when I saw it. Unfurled wings high above stretched from one side of the moon to the other. A roar that would wake all of Winterhaven, and a gust of flame to punctuate the point.


Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter