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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

HNT: Dragon Chained

(hnt, tattoo)

April 02, 2009

Here we have a picture of the dragon, chained.

Dragons are my Girl’s (Joessam on twitter/Bookwyrm on FetLife) totem. [This is why you’ll be seeing a story about dragons and sex posted here before too long.] The bracelet is a locking bracelet from Things Remembered and was her Sir’s gift to her for Christmas.

I meant for her to wear it on the other hand, since it is a beautiful tattoo, in essence her guardian, watching out for her. But when she put it on this one, the imagery was too strong, and we both sensed it was right. Yes, it’s her guardian, but he is chained by me. Willingly, of course, my Girl and her Dragon.


Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the bracelet, as it’s made of a base metal that irritated Joessam’s skin and it needed to be removed for realistic reasons. I still carry it’s key with me on my keychain because I know that, at least metaphorically, it is still there.

Joe Tortuga

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