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March 30, 2009

I’m realizing that I need to take into account the audience of my work, and I ultimately have two primary interests: sex and games. I write about games at Cult of the Turtle and that’s my main home on the web. (There will be sex writing there too, mainly as it pertains to games.) I feel that some of my audience for games is adversely interested in what I’d write about sex, so I haven’t been writing that much of that sort of thing.

I’ve posted some on Stories OnLine, but that’s ultimately a gated community, and not the sort of place I want to be the primary repository of my work. I have much at ASSTR, but that doesn’t have the kind of commenting and feedback I want. It seems to me that blogger/blogspot has become the place for sex bloggers these days, so I want to be here too.

I’ve written online for thirteen years now, and have amassed a large body of work. I’ve written as Kaos, GenericJoe, “Generic” Joe Tortuga, and now just as Joe Tortuga. I don’t foresee any future name changes.

I’m pretty happy with who I am.

As part of this blog-creation was to start posting on Micro-Fantasy Mondays, I’ll get on with that now

Joe Tortuga

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