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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

2: The Temp

(FF, Girl #16180, sci-fi)

April 19, 2013

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Re: Disposition of Sue Ellen McDougal

Date: August 12, 2170

[Attachment Begins] —Deposition of Sue Ellen McDougal, taken under Loquatia.

Dossier Name: Sue Ellen McDougal ID:: 392-343-23432 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 157cm Mass: 50kg Age: 21 Birth Date: 2149.02.27

Subject responds well to Loquatia, if perhaps overly descriptive.  This is normal and points to a complete and truthful deposition.  Transcript follows (McDougal voice entries only.)

My night? Well, mostly it started normal night, y’know. I had a date with Jack. I’d had a good paycheck the week before, so I’d gone down to Sak’s and bought some designer low-G stuff. A nice skirt that sort of wafted around but still covered everything. Same for the top. I bought a nice bra and panties set, too. They’re all gone now, but, hey, they were just clothes.

Oh! And my shoes! I found this awesome pair of iVersace low-g ultra-high heels. Shiny red, patent Corinthian neo-leather. And on sale, too!

I guess it’s okay. I mean, you didn’t see her. She was freaking awesome.

Yeah, yeah, sorry. I’ll get back on track. It’s just that her hair was so luminous. Her eyes, I just lost myself in them.

Anyway, I was working in records, checking over the datacubes, and organizing them. Every week as new clone models role off, I close up the books and put away the records. Plus we’ve got exabytes of cubes back in there. Hard to believe it fits in a walk-in closet. I was scanning cube titles, and organizing them when someone opened the door. And there she was, this naked lady.

I mean, she was the hottest person I’ve ever seen. I’d never even done anything with girls. Man was I stupid. Anyway, she was standing there, the light was behind her mostly, and it’s like she was glowing. But maybe that was just natural.

I told you about her hair right? Bright golden red, and her eyes pierced right to my soul. Oh, and her breasts? Wow. They made my mouth water. Then she said something. It was like an aphrodisiac, what the fuck did she say? I’ll remember in a moment, but I know it was the most sensual, wonderful thing I’d ever heard.

All I could think of was that I just wanted to lean up to her and kiss her, or maybe lick her breasts. Or something. I don’t think I was that clear on what I wanted. I just know when I heard her, my nipples got real hard, and my pussy got all wet when I heard it. I remember what she said now: “Is this the records room?” Yeah. that was it. So. Fucking. Hot.

Sorry, when I think about her, I just can’t think straight. Probably because she’s a girl. He he, that’s funny right? I’m a girl, and she’s a girl.

Sigh. You really have no sense of humor do you?

Okay, like I said, she asked me if it was the records room and I just nodded, and fell down to my knees. She didn’t ask me to, I just, well I just wanted to. My eyes were on her breasts the whole way down. The next thing I know, her hands are behind my head, tilting it up to her face.

She smiled at me, she was so happy, so beautiful. She leaned over me, and pulled my lips to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and crinkly with arousal. I’d be aroused too, if I had that kind of a body. And walked around naked someplace.

I, mean, I knew it was odd to see a naked woman at work. I knew I should report it, but if you’d seen her, you’d know. She was supposed to be naked, so everyone could see her beauty. Like a work of erotic art, there just for me, little Sue Ellen McDougal the file clerk.

Like I was saying, I was sucking on the most luscious breast ever, her hands were in my hair, pulling me close. She was moaning, and I moaned back knowing I was doing a good job, turning her on as much as I was turned on by her. Her hands went all over my body, and she pulled off my shirt. I remember because I had to stop kissing her breasts so she could pull it over my head.

I remember whining, frustrated to be separated from her, but it was okay. She pulled my face in between her breasts, and I took them in my hands, and pushed them against my face, as I kissed and licked them. She pushed on my head a bit, and I kissed down her body. I’d never gone down on a woman before. She was musky and wet, and smelled like a hot fuck. Which is how she looked, really. And what she was. Her lips were awesome; I can still taste her on my tongue. No man ever tasted so good, let me tell you that.

I’m not sure exactly what happened next. I was on the floor, on my side, and she’d taken everything off of me, except for my shoes. She had the ultra-high heels in her hands, spreading my legs. I felt her tongue on my clit, and I started coming. I even stopped licking her, I was so distracted, I just sort of moaned into her pussy, and she was shuddering around my head, grabbing me with her thighs.

She rolled me over on my back then, still straddling me, still licking me. She put a finger inside me, and then another. Then she started fucking me with her fingers. She ground into my face in time with her thrusts, and I just tried to keep up. She came again, I remember that. Then I was coming, screaming out loud.

She pressed her cunt into my mouth then, and I just screamed into it. I guess that’s why nobody heard me. Not that I cared. Her cunt was the most wonderful one in the world. Not that I have a lot to compare it to, not yet, anyway.

I think I passed out then. At least, when I woke up, I was still naked, just the shoes, and there were datacubes all over the floor. I guess we knocked them off the racks as we fucked. She was still there, only she was wearing my clothes, everything but my panties, which she had in her hand. Part of me thought she was so sexy in my clothes, and part was, like, furious that she’d dare cover herself. The part that thought she was sexy won out and I told her.

She looked a bit surprised and smiled down at me where I lay on the floor. “Well they are sexy clothes,” she said. I just shivered to hear her voice. It drove me almost as crazy as the first thing she said to me. Maybe, despite my orgasms, I wasn’t too fucked out to care. “I love your shoes,” she added.

“You can have them, too,” I told her. “On one condition.”

She arched her eyebrow at me, and grinned. “And what is that?”

“Let me lick you again.”

She sat on my face then, her cunt right on my lips, my low-G skirt fluttering around my face. She didn’t just let me lick her. She fucked my tongue, and rode me. I licked her for all I was worth, and the next thing I know she’s moaning and carrying on. I mean, she’d come before, but it was more like her whole body shuddered, and her pussy clenched. This time I could tell she was finally losing it.

She was biting her knuckles — trying to be quiet — as she came. Her whole body went rigid, and I just kept licking and licking for all I was worth. And as she came, soaking my lips in her juices, I started coming too. Not loud, but strong. And not just in part of my body, but all over. It was like I exploded and imploded at the same time.  It fucking rocked.

That’s the last thing I remember before they found me. I didn’t wake up until the day shift people found me. And then the only proof I had was that I could still taste her on my lips. Datacubes were strewn all over the place, and my clothes were gone; I’ll probably be fired for indecent behavior, but if you’d seen her you’d have done it too. Hell, I got off cheap — just one nice outfit.

She could have my whole wardrobe if she’d came back for just one night. But I can guess from you guys that she’s gone for good.

Guess I’ll have to find a girlfriend then. Someone into shoes and sex.

That’s all I got to say.

[Attachment Ends]

Subject was wistful after treatment, and fairly emotional. This is consistent with side effects of Loquatia, as well as her experience. McDougal’s descriptions are consistent with Girl #16180’s data, and the incident earlier in the night. Records is still determining if any datacubes are missing, it will easily take a week before they can get through the entire catalogue, by which time Girl #16180 will probably be off-station.

Our recommendation for Sue Ellen McDougal’s continued employment follows.  Normal company policy is termination under the indecency clause, however McDougal represents a unique case of someone not involved with (or aware of) #16180’s origins having encountered her.  She should be kept under observation to see if there are any adverse or atypical side effects that might allow us to identify others who have fallen under #16180’s sphere of influence.  For this reason, we suggest that she retain her position (perhaps in a different department) and that she be offered permanent employment so that we can ensure her continued availability.

Thom Jacobs, Chief of Security

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter