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Erotica by Joe Tortuga


(bdsm, BDSM Ephemera)

December 07, 2012

Because Enthusiastic Consent is the best kink of all.
To My Master
**RE: on the Occasion of the Upcoming New Year, and the Renewal of Our Contract:


In Reply to:

To Annette, My Submissive, on the Occasion of the Upcoming New Year, and the Renewal of Our Contract:

These are the things which we have agreed upon, and which I propose as agreements for the following year. Please indicate that you affirm these agreements so that we might continue enjoying their fruits.

First, I claim your lips. To be kissed, and to be kissed by. To wrap around my cock, and kiss the base of it, as I extend my claim to tongue and mouth and throat. Your lips, mine to use.

Next, I claim your hair. To run my hands through and twist and hold. To move your head on my cock, to hold you in place. To make you grow it long, or to make you cut it short; to dye it or not — it is my hair, and I say how it will be styled. And not just your head hair: all your hair. Under your armpits, on your legs, over your crotch. Your eyebrows, if it meets my whim, are at my mercy. They’ve been safe these past few years, but you need to be reminded: your hair is mine.

As we move down your body, from head and face to throat, I claim your breath. It is mine to stop or allow. I will wrap my hands around your throat, and keep you from your breath while I fuck you. I will make it so you cannot breathe until you come for me. And knowing this, you will come harder, and you will thank me for your breath as soon as I give it back to you.

Your breath fills your chest, and swells out your breasts, which are also mine. Your nipples are mine to twist and pinch. Your breasts to squeeze and suck. I will mark your breasts with my mouth, biting and sucking; I will write “Slut” on one and “Whore” on the other, and “Mine” right between. I will fuck your breasts, sliding my cock between them, and up into my other possession: your mouth. I will cover your breasts with my come, and keep you from washing it off when we go out. I want to tie them up until they turn a delicious shade of purple, and since they are mine, I will.

Your pussy, is it wet now? Is it ready to be licked and sucked? Are you ready for me to bite your clit? Are your legs wide so that I can thrust my cock into your pussy, fucking you with abandon wherever and whenever I desire? I claim your pussy as mine, for my use whenever I want it. However I want it. I will make you come with my fingers, with my cock, with my beating hand. All you have to do is give me your pussy as mine. You know you will.

And then there’s your round ass. Perfect for my hands to slap. Better for a paddle to thwap. I have a cane with your ass’s name on it. Because I claim it, too. It is my ass to do with as I will. I will bruise it and mark it. I will run my hands over the marks on your ass squeezing it as I fuck it. I will go from your mouth to your pussy to your ass, and I will fuck you however I want, whenever I want.

I claim your skin to mark and to bruise. I will write my manifest over your skin in ink and welts. I will claim it over and over, and each time you will cry out your answer to me. I will touch it and tease your skin, I will bind it and control it just like I bind and control you. All your body is mine to use. For my pleasure, and yours.

All you have to do is say yes.

I await your reply,

Your Master.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter