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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Day of the Dead


October 04, 2013

October is here, and that means Halloween stories all month!  Enjoy!

Hello Sexy Friend!

As many of you are aware, I have returned from my tour of the southern continents by way of my family’s ancient estate in Estonia. I have made a miraculous and important discovery — in fact I made it months ago, and have travelled throughout the world in order to confirm it. In fact, I have confirmed it on every continent where people who fuck live.

My many times great-grandmother, Agnes Hardwin, made an important discovery regarding the Day of the Dead, also known as Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, or more recently, Halloween. In fact, her discovery has helped bring about the age of reason and rein in the superstitious belief in the spirits — which I have to tell you was absolutely true (if holding us back as a race).

It is true that on Halloween, the boundaries and borders between the physical realm and the afterworld are at their thinnest. At that point, our world takes on a more spiritual aura, and it’s possible for the dead to cross over, back into our world, for a time. In ancient and medieval times, these spirits would come here, be entranced by the living and remain, accounting for many of the stories of superstition and fancy that confounded us.

Yet it was my great-many-times-great-grandmother Agnes who reasoned that if our world was more spiritual at that time, then the spirit world was more physical. That, in fact, Halloween is the one time when the spirits of the other world are actually able to touch and to feel each other.

She records in her diary that these are the largest desires of the spirits, and why they come here — to possess us and once again feel the sensations that they missed in the afterlife. Yes, ghosts came here, to our world, in order to fuck.

But only a few very powerful ghosts can actually cross the barrier. But just as the spiritual world intrudes on ours, we intrude on theirs. Just as powerful ghosts can cross over here, powerful witches and sorcerers can pass there on that special night. And Grandma Agnes was extremely powerful.

Her diary discusses how she raised the energy by inviting thirteen lovers and their thirteen lovers to her house the last week of October, leading up to the Day of the Dead when she was able to harness the fucking energy and open a portal into the netherworld. She passed through the gate and disappeared for a full year.

When she returned, she told a tale of teaching the ghosts to use the physical sensations of our world during this time to touch, to feel and to fuck each other. By staying there, she bound the physical world there, and she was the center of a year-long spiritual orgy. The remainder of her diary is an exhaustive sex manual that would put the Kama Sutra to shame if it were properly understood. (Thanks to the Collette-Ashbee Collection for restoring Agnes’ diary, and allowing me to cast divination spells upon it to translate. It’s my understanding they’re working on copying it.)

The important thing is that the spirits take up the most lustful person in the world to be in their realm for a year and a day. The other most important thing is that some of the spirits have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years — so they’re likely very very good at it. This truism is why Halloween costumes have gone from scary to sexy in the interim, even though that is not enough to summon the jaded spirits of the otherworld.

And that is why I’m inviting you, and as many lovers as you’d like to invite (who would be willing to participate, of course). I’ve freed up a good portion of my estate to fly us all to the ancient Hughes estate, the site of Agnes’ ancient orgiastic ritual. There we will fuck and suck our way through the month of October, and on the last day of the ancient year, the gateway will open and one of us — the most lustful — will head out into the otherworld for another year of sexual learning like has never been had in your imaginings.

I mean for it to be me, but it could be you, if you accept my invitation.

Samuel Hughes, Esq.

RSVP with the number in your party, and when you will be free to fly.

And thanks to Shon Richards for the use of his librarians. You should go there, he’s the one who started this whole October-Halloween-Stories thing.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter