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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Chapter 10: Smooth Criminal

(bdsm, cuckolder, MF, Summer of 89)

July 12, 2013

I’d like to say that after Cindy and I had sex for the third time that night, that I rushed home and immediately confronted Janet about what Cindy had told me. That I’d gone over there and demanded to know if Nathan really knew about us being together, that she was kinky, that I laid it all out and found out the answer. I’d like to say that, but I didn’t.

What can I say? I was fifteen years old, and I did what most fifteen year old boys would do when confronted with two women who were willing, able, and excited about having sex with me. I bought a lot of condoms, that’s what I did. That’s probably the most out of character thing I did at fifteen. It was one of the lessons that I learned from Janet, and I accepted it. It didn’t hurt that North Carolina’s sex ed was fear-based and filled with the dire consequences of having sex.

Things went on as they had throughout July. Janet didn’t see me for about a week, and by the time we were together again, the welts had all disappeared and there was nothing there to see. I tried to bring up what I was still certain was abuse, but every time I did, she’d just kiss me or suck my cock and I’d forget about it. Eventually I became more and more sure that Cindy was right.

Cindy knew I was still with Janet — even encouraged me to experiment and earn. Every Friday we went out to not see another movie, and I learned the advantages of a few blankets and a full sized station wagon. Ultimately, nothing happened until my birthday on August 7, and then everything seemed to happen all at once.

Dad came home early that day, a little bit after lunch. “Okay,” he said to me after wishing me a happy birthday, “I’ve got good news, bad news and more good news.”

“Bad news on my birthday?” I said. “That doesn’t seem right.”

“You’re getting older, Son. It happens more and more often that way.”

“Ok, so hit me, what’s the news?”

“The good news is that we’re buying a new car today!”

“Oh, yeah!” I said. I’d saved close to fifteen hundred dollars to buy myself a car. working all the neighborhood lawns — I’d started back in Charlotte and kept it up here. Everyone paid me in cash except for Janet who paid me in other ways — and helped me find most of my customers, actually.

“The bad news,” Dad said. “Is the car won’t be yours, Brian.”

“Well, can you help me shop for a used car? That’s what I was going to ask anyway.”

“No,” he said. “That’s the other good news. We’re giving you your mother’s car. It’s nicer— and safer — than what you’d be able to buy with your money, and your mom needs a new car anyway.”

I just stared at him with my mouth open. I’d have loved a new car, but this was more than I’d expected. “Thanks, Dad, Mom.”

“Happy Birthday,” he said. “So, are you ready to get your license and your car and all that?”

“Hell, err Heck yeah!” He laughed, and the family piled into Mom’s car. Soon to be mine. I even drove it, since I had my learner’s permit.

The BMV wasn’t bad. Cindy had just taken the test a few months ago, and let me practice with her Fairlane a few times after she’d let me practice with her body a few times. We had to do something while I recovered, right? Driving Mom’s Dodge Aspen station wagon was almost exactly the same, so I didn’t hit any cones or cause any accidents. The written test was easy — I’ve never had a problem with a test, and I walked out of there with a new license.

Then we drove down to the Dodge dealership and mom upgraded the Dodge Aspen for a Caravan, and we officially had our first minivan. We signed the paperwork over to me on the Aspen. “This car is now officially your problem,” Dad said. “I’ll pay for insurance until you’re in college, but repairs, gas, maintenance is now your problem. You can ask for help, and I know from how you’ve taken care of the lawn stuff that you’ll be fine”

After that I drove myself and Amy over to a nearby mall, and we hung out there for a bit while Mom and Dad dealt with all the new car paperwork, financing and everything. I’m sure they were glad to get us out of their hair, and I was glad to drive my own new car, even if I had to bring my little sister along. We had plans to meet at a restaurant at five, and have my birthday dinner out.

When we got there, Cindy was there, too, so I pulled my station wagon in next to hers and we compared. They were nearly identical, except ours was red and hers was blue. They even had the same crappy fake wood panelling. Mine just said “Dodge” and hers said “Ford”.

I ran my hand down the top of the car. “Obviously we need to break this in,” I said.

“Obviously,” Cindy said. “You can drive for our date this week.”

“I was hoping for sooner,” I said.

She blushed and laughed. “We’ll see.”

We ate dinner together, and I suffered through the staff singing “Happy Birthday” since they also brought cake. Afterwards, I went up to my Dad. “Can I drive home, then?”

“You’ll have to, your mom’s driving her car.”

“I meant.. alone,” I said.

He laughed and nodded and shooed me out. “Your sister wants to buy some clothes at the mall, so we’ll be by, but in a little while. That cool with you?”

“Yep,” I said. “See you later at home.”

“Don’t wreck,” he said.

I just shook my head and drove home. What I saw there was the other thing that changed everything. My jaw dropped and my heart ached. I knew then I would have to do something soon or never know how Janet felt about me, whether I was her lover or her toy. Because when I got home, there was a for-sale sign on the Cookes’ front lawn.

I pulled my car into the spot it had always been parked, and sat at the wheel wondering what I should do. I felt my heart wrench. I had grown more distant from Janet, after Cindy had told me about her brother and Janet’s kink, but I still felt deeply for her. And here she was leaving and it was a total surprise.

A total surprise, that she hadn’t shared with me.

I felt a cool anger settle over me and I got out of my car. I went inside my house and took a quick shower. I got dressed and grabbed a few things from my room before heading next door. I went right in the side door, the one that led into the Cooke’s kitchen. The door I’d always gone in on my days with her. Janet was washing dishes, cleaning up after their dinner when the door slammed shut behind me.

She turned around, “Brian!” she said. “Happy Birthday!” She had a smile on but I could tell she wondered why I was here.

“I got a car,” I said, holding up my keys. “So now you can use all that money I earned to escape if you want. And he’s moving, at least.”

“We’re moving,” she said.

“He beats you,” I said. I walked over to her. “He treats you like shit. I saw it.”

“This again,” she said. She reached up to touch my face, as if to brush my hair away. “Brian…”

I reached up and grabbed her wrist, pulling it down and then letting her go. I took a deep breath. “He always knew. That show was for me.”

She blanched then. Her breathing was fast and shallow. “Wh-why are you here Brian?”

“I came for some lemonade,” I said.

“Nathan is here,” she said.

“It’s not like it’s a secret, Janet. In what — a month? — you’ll be gone.”

“More like a week,” she said. Her color was back. Almost flushed, but her breathing was still quick. “But, Brian, I- I can’t. It doesn’t work like that. He might still catch us.”

“Really?” I asked. “He’s upstairs?” she nodded. “So we’ll go downstairs. It’ll be like old times. And anyway, if he does catch us, just think how hard he’ll punish you.” Her breath caught then; her nipples made little points in her blouse.

.“Where’s that shy hesitant boy I met two months ago?” she asked.

“You should know,” I said. “Right where I was then: freshly showered with condoms in my pocket, and ready to go downstairs and fuck you.”

She smiled a half smile, and took my hand. The door to her basement was right off the kitchen and we stole down there. I watched her ass sway back and forth in her tennis skirt, as she took the stairs in front of me.

We hadn’t been down there in weeks. Other than the sectional sofa all bunched up in the center of the room, nothing else was the same. “Wow,” I said.

“Yeah, we redid the whole thing. Re-waterproofed the basement and finished the whole thing. It’ll make an easier sale.”

“So you were planning this all summer.”

“Yes.” She looked down and away from me.

“I really hope he catches us,” I said. “Because you’ve been very bad.” I’m sure I’ve said that to lovers since, and meant it in the way she took it then. But I meant it seriously. She had been bad, she’d seduced a young boy, all the while knowing she was going to leave him and she never said a word. I thought for a second about leaving, about backing out, but she got this sexy look on her face, and a smile I’d never seen from her.

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I’ve been very, very bad, Brian.” Her voice was sultry and it was like the sound went straight to my cock. I was hard and I wanted her, and that was the end of any doubt.

I closed the distance between us, reaching out for the sectional sofa, pulling one of the parts out a bit. WIth my other hand, I pulled her to me and kissed her. “I want you now,” I said. I turned her around and bent her over the arm of the couch. I lifted up her tennis skirt, showing a skimpy pair of pink panties. I ran my hand over her ass, stopping only to pull the condoms out of my shorts, before pushing them down around my ankles.

Before I could even think about it, I had a condom on and I was thrusting into her wet and willing pussy. I knew it was important to pay attention to her needs, but right then I didn’t care. I still had some of the cold anger at her for using me and lying to me, but I just let the heat of my passion burn it away as I took her for my satisfaction. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast.

I didn’t even look at her, I just looked at the new wallpaper in their basement and thrust in and out of her. I think she came as I used her roughly, because her pussy grabbed my cock like it was a fist and didn’t let go. I just dug my fingers into her ass and fucked harder. It didn’t take long before I thrust deep in her and filled the condom.

I pulled out of her, tied off the condom and dropped it on the floor. If he didn’t catch us, I figured, he’d be sure to catch her. And that was good enough.

She stood back up, and shimmied out of her skirt and pantes, and pulled her blouse up over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I pulled my t-shirt off and kicked off my shoes and shorts. “That was something,” she said, a bit breathless. I kissed her again, and we collapsed on the couch section.

We kissed for a bit, and my kisses were aggressive, my tongue taking hers, my hands holding her to me, running through her hair and holding her to me. “I always knew you had it in you,” she said. Her hand trailed down my body and grasped my cock which was hard again. “And I’d like this in me again,” she said.

“I’d like that as well,” I said.

I found a condom on the floor and tore it open. Janet took it from me and rolled it onto my cock. She lay back down on the couch and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was red and swollen, and as wet as I’d ever seen it. I thought about going down on her, but she said, “Just fucking take me again, Brian. You know you want to.”

I grabbed her ankles, and put them on my shoulders. Her pussy angled up to me and I slid easily into her. She was folded in half beneath me as I pressed her legs down with each thrust. She moaned as I slid all the way inside her. “Is this what you want Janet? To be totally under me, in my power? To be fucked the way I want to fuck you?”

“Oh, Brian,” she said. “Just shut up and fuck me.”

It felt like I could get so deep inside her in this position so I spent a fair amount of time just bottoming out in her, followed by long slow strokes in and out of her. She started with encouragement, telling me to fuck her deeper and harder, but eventually she just changed “Fuck fuck fuck” in time to my thrusts.

For my part I looked down at her. She was still beautiful and amazing, and I knew I still cared for her. I was using her in part because I wanted to, but also because she really did like it. It didn’t feel like something I really wanted — that I only wanted it because I was so upset with her. Her pussy felt like heaven though, which I was sure I’d thought before, but which I was sure was more true now than it had ever been.

I found a rhythm that made me happy and which seemed to rub her just the right way for just the right time. I felt like I could go forever, so I just pounded into her over and over. My hands slid under her bent-over legs and grabbed her tits, which made her “Fuck fuck fuck”s even more insistent. She was as lost to our fucking as I was, so neither of us noticed the basement door swing open and someone come down the stairs.

I could hear her moans get more insistent and I knew her big orgasm was coming. I thrust into her and let myself follow her into it, ready for when her pussy would grab me and pull my own orgasm out of me. I closed my eyes and arched my back thrusting into her, just concentrating on how it felt.

She let out a loud cry and I looked down at her, her head arched back and screaming silently as she came. Her pussy became so tight I thought I couldn’t even fuck her, but I was so close I pushed on through and I was coming too, filling up my last condom.

I slid out of her, out of breath and sated.

That’s when the clapping started. Slow like a golf clap then speeding up a bit. “Bravo! Brava!” I looked up and Nathan was standing at the entrance to the basement room.

I stood up, “Fuck!” I said. I had wanted to be discovered, at least before I fucked Janet. Now I was reacting to the surprise of being discovered. Of course, I was naked, and he was in the doorway out of where I was going.

“Just wait, Brian,” he said.

“Janet,” he said. “The boy is a mess, the condom is still on him. I thought you knew better than that.”

“Y-yes sir,” she said. She slid off the couch and knelt before me, pulling the condom off and dropping it on the floor. She put her hands behind her back and began licking my cock clean.

“That’s better,” Nathan said. “I bet the slut never cleaned you up once, did she?”

I just shook my head, there was no way I could answer. She was swallowing me whole now, holding my deflated cock in her mouth and licking my balls with her outstretched tongue.

“She really knows better,” he said to me. “I’ll have to deal with that when you’re done with her.”

She shivered beneath me and I looked down at her. She was flushed, and she sped up her work on my cock. I stood there in shock at first, frozen in place unsure of what to do. I was too nervous to get hard at first, and I was keeping my eye on Nathan, who just stood there with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his face.

I looked down at Janet, as she moved around my cock, licking it and cleaning it. Her hands were still at her back, which made it arch in a way that thrust her breasts out. I couldn’t see them all the time, but as she moved I got glimpses of them. For her part she kept looking up at me, maintaining eye contact as much as I did. Finally she had me clean, and I wasn’t limp anymore. She slid her mouth over my cock then, and began slowly rocking back and forth on it.

I swallowed and looked back over at Nathan. He’d moved his hands as though he were holding a ball at waist height, moving it back and forth. Then he nodded at me as though I should do what he’s doing. He repeated it a couple of times before I got it, and I wrapped my hands in Janet’s hair. She moaned around my cock, and I began sliding her head up and down my cock, jerking myself off with her mouth.

This bothered me a little, but the cool part of me liked it a lot. And Janet moaned as I did it, indicating her own approval. I found myself thrusting a bit, like I had with Cindy, but this time I didn’t hold back so much. I slid my cock down her throat, thrusting forward in time to moving her head. Eventually I just held her head in place and slid my cock in and out of her throat.

Janet moaned and writhed beneath me, but she never moved her hands away from the small of her back. She never flinched away or gave me any indication I should stop. So I didn’t. I fucked her face with my cock, and used her. I glanced over at Nathan and he gave me a thumbs-up and a smile, just like the one in the picture by his bed. I watched him as I fucked his wife’s mouth, and felt myself get harder.

I moved faster in and out of her mouth.

It wouldn’t be long now.

I could feel my arousal building and my final and third shot for the day. I pulled her head down on my cock and thrust forward, spewing my come down her throat. She coughed a bit, and I just waited until I was done coming, and I let her go.

Looking down at her, she looked rough. Her eyes were watering, and her hair was wet with perspiration. She looked up and stuck her tongue out at me, showing me my come, then she swallowed it all. “Thank you, Brian.” She said.

Nathan stepped forward then. “Get upstairs, slut.”

“Yes Master,” she said. She stood, smiled at me, and went upstairs. Nathan nodded at me, and followed her without a word.

I picked up my clothes, and slipped them back on, and went up the basement stairs. I could hear her cries from upstairs as he spanked her. I shook my head, and muttered “Whatever works for you, Janet.”

I walked home and took a shower, then called Cindy, and made a date for the next Friday night, saying I was too exhausted today. I didn’t see much of the Cookes over the next week, but a van showed up over the weekend, and everything in their house was packed and stowed away. When they were ready to leave, they stopped by.

Janet gave me a quick hug and a “thank you” before anyone saw them, and Nathan gave me an envelope filled with cash for all the times I’d mowed their lawn. He also asked me to keep it up until the house sold, and paid me in advance for that. Other than that, he didn’t say a thing.

Then they were in their car, and driving off.

I know what Janet did was wrong. I know it changed me forever in ways most 15-year-olds will never experience. But how can I wish it away when it made me who I am today? I have my problems, certainly, and most of those can’t be laid at Janet’s feet, although perhaps she set me on my path. Who can say what might have been?

There were still a couple of weeks left of summer before school, so I kept up the lawn jobs, paring some of them down a bit so I’d have time. Cindy and I spent as much time together as we could, but I had plenty of money for condoms, so it wasn’t a problem. When school started, though, her boyfriend came home, and things changed. But that’s a different story.

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter