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Erotica by Joe Tortuga

Black and Blue Friday

(bdsm, BDSM Ephemera)

November 23, 2012

A Letter to my Slut Annette

**My Dearest Slut Annette,

I got your email about wanting both some spending money and my company shopping with you on Black Friday.  While I am happy to support most of your whims, and we do have some money budgeted for you to spend on Christmas, I’m a bit flabbergasted you’d ask me to go shopping with you.  I may be a dom, but I’m also an introvert.  As such, there’s a bit of a price on my company tomorrow.  I hope you’re willing to pay it.  Alternatively, we can spend the day in bed.

I’ll be happy either way.

Let me know what sort of money you want to spend. Expect a bare-assed spank at the end of the day for each dollar you request.  I know that’s not a hardship for you, but I’ll be administering the spanking as soon as we’re done shopping, after which I’m going to fuck you hard.  It will be the first time all day that I’ll be inside that tight pussy of yours, so consider your options.

I suspect you’ll want to leave at some ungodly hour, so you’re going to have to wake me up.  With your mouth.  If I get up without you sucking on my cock, I’ll take that as a cue you just want to stay home.  So be in my bed sucking my cock when you’re ready to leave.   Afterwards, you’ll help me get cleaned up. I want to feel your soapy boobs all over my body, but particularly around my cock.  Then I’m going to lean you up against the tile wall of the bathroom and fuck your ass.

After that, I figure I’ll be in a good enough mood to be around crowds of manic shoppers.  Still, there’s a few things you’ll need to do to maintain that mood.

First, I want you in the black dress with the knee-length skirt and the corset top.  Wear a bra, if you want, but if I recall correctly that dress gives you plenty of support and cleavage. Stockings and garterbelt, of course, and you can wear panties.  But wear nice ones.  They’ll be holding in your ben-wa balls.  Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, put the remote vibe in there, too.  I’ve got the remote here, and I’ll have it with me.

I know you normally wear those nice black patent heels with this,but feel free to wear something more comfortable.  I guess if you need something to match, we will be shopping all day.  If you need something warm to wear, just throw on a coat. I expect it to be off when we’re in the store, but I get that It’s November. I like your tits, I don’t want them freezing off.

Second, there are a few rules to keep my mind occupied.  While we’re waiting in lines — whether for stores to open or to buy things, or whatever — your hand will be on my cock or the vibrator will be on.  You’ll just have to decide which risk you want to take.   In every store we go to, you need to find a place — a quiet place, preferably — where you can suck my cock for five minutes. I know fthe stores will be busy, but most of them have bathrooms, changing rooms or employee areas. I know you’re quite resourceful and will find what you need.  If you really can’t find what you need, then we’ll leave the store with no purchases, and you’ll owe me ten minutes at the next store. Don’t abuse this — it’s just to keep us safe. If you do, we’re going home, and even if you didn’t spend all your allowance, you’ll still be getting that spanking.

Third, I’m willing to let you up the ante if you want to extend your budget. I won’t fuck you in your pussy, but I’m open to other ideas. You could walk around with my come on your tits.  You could find me a nice salesgirl who wants a thrill.  This is up to you. One of the things I love about you, Annette, is that devious mind of yours.

Finally, when we’re back at my place —as soon as we’re through the threshold, in fact — I want you out of your dress, your panties and your bra (if you wore one).  Get those ben-wa balls out of my way, and lean over my lap on the couch.  You’re going to get a bare-assed spanking for each dollar you asked for today.  Most of it will be with my hands, which I know you love, or the paddle if you got so greedy my hand wears out.

By then, I think your pussy will be sopping wet.  I’m sure you’ll have come several times just from walking around, or sucking my dick in public places.  By then, I think you’ll be begging me to fuck you.  But I won’t fuck you until you’ve thanked me for every spank, and counted it out loud.  That might take a while, so consider your plans. Because as soon as that last spank hits your ass, I’m going to bend you over the couch and fuck you hard until I come deep inside you.

This could easily be an expensive, twelve or fifteen hour day.  Or it could be a short excursion.

Or, we could do what I’d prefer, and just stay home in bed.


Your Master.**

Joe Tortuga

Written by Joe Tortuga a bisexual dominant erotica writer and programmer (he/him). Follow me on Twitter