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(The Fellatist)

November 07, 2012

Starting on Friday, I will be hosting a new installment on this blog.  It will probably be a bit irregular, as will become clear.  However, when I do receive a piece from this author, I’ll be posting it. They’ll be at most once a week, and at least once a month.  Unless, as I understand it, his travel schedule changes.

I was approached by him recently, as his current hosting is not working out. I’m not sure why he chooses to use my erotic writing blog as his voice, but I’m glad for it.  This blog needs more regular activity.  He’s contacted me, as well as one of his friends, which I’ll talk about more when I have something solid from him.

He goes only by the title, “The Fellatist” which he explains better than I can:

Joe, _
_I am looking for some hosting for my particular shade of reviews, and felt it might be a good fit for the readership of your blog.  As such I’ve attached one of my more recent reviews for yoru perusal, and potentiall posting there.

If you dont know me, I am called “The Fellatist”.  Much like a Philatelist collects stamps, I collect blowjobs. My work has me travelling all over the US, and where I can I try to get a blowjob from a local resident.  I write and post reviews of them online, with some minor details (such as name) changed.  _
_As you can see from my first piece, I have a bit of notoriety that helps with this, although it is not often the case that I’m believed (as you can imagine!) I never have sex with anyone (at least according to Bill Clinton, heh:), and my wife is aware of my rather odd hobby.  Still, I admit it’s a fun one that takes me to intersting places, and meeting intesting people (who are not, I should state always women).

Please read over my piece, and let me know. There are more if you choose to post them.
The Fellatist

Well, I’ve read it over, and it seems interesting enough.  I’ll post it on Friday for all of you to enjoy as well.  He has another piece from later in October, as well.  I’m also talking to him about getting some of his back history, but that will depend on the feedback form his current reviews.

Joe Tortuga

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