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January 02, 2013

Welcome to the new year on the blog (and well for everyone).  This blog has existed for a few years, and this is the fifty-first post here.  I’ve posted eleswhere in that time, of course — both stories and non-fiction blogs. In fact, I’ve been writing and posting stories online for about fifteen years  now.  So, to my mind fifty-one posts and not even all of them stories is a pretty sad showing.

Well, in case it wasn’t obvious from my chosen surname, I like turtles.  Some of my watchwords are “slow and stead wins the day”.  Also, it’s new year’s so it’s time for some .. not resolutoins, but plans.

Since mid-october, there’s been at least one post on the blog each week that’s a story (well on average, there was on week where I published five story posts, and another with only post like this one.)  By the end of this year, this blog will have at leat 151 posts on it.  And the additional 100 will be stories (thus the at least, since some of the posts will be about things instead of stories).

Those of you who looking at me incredulously have done some quick math in your head, and you’re thinking, “but Joe, that’s 1.92307692308 stoies a week” followed by “and that’s rather a lot.”

Yes, yes it is.  But remember where I said I’v e been doing this for about fifteen  years now?  Well there’s some backlog,yes.  But there’s also a lot of stories that need to be brought in to be in one place.  A lot of them are in one place, over at my ASSTR site. ASSTR is a nice place, but it was made for ten years ago, and isn’t as personal and useful as a blog like this.  There’s at least seventy stories there, most of which haven’t been posted here (and, I admit some of them won’t be.)

You can go read them now, that’s fine. But I’m going to clean up and curate them here, one a week starting next Wednesday.  And of course, every Friday there will be something brand new and shiny posted as well.

Also this year, I plan to publish a novel or novella epub sometime — hopefully — in the first 3-4 months of the year. Those of you who follow the blog will get to see a sneak preview of that.

In August, I’m starting a new project that should interest writers of erotica all accross the internets, or at least my corner of it.  Staty tuned for that!

Finally, I know some of the comics authors I read have a tip jar type thing where after a certain amount of money, you get an ‘extra page’.  Would people be interested in (and tip for) an extra story? I’d write a special story when it was full, and post it on a Monday — so three stories that week and it wouldn’t count against the 100 total (everybody gets that).

Joe Tortuga

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